The wedding is a very special day – from anticipation to excitement to deep love, the bride and groom feel a wide range of emotions. So it is only fitting if the table decoration can join in the rollercoaster of deep emotions. The Barcino bucket adapts to the mood of the bride and groom – and can also be a souvenir for the guests.

Table decoration with Barcino


The special thing about the otherwise simple Barcino bucket in classic VALENTINO white is the small hook to change the motifs and attach your favorite pictures to the bucket. The bucket Barcino not only has a motif on the hook, but can also be wonderfully adapted to the season and mood. In addition to birds and flowers as chic heralds of spring, you can also attach white or pink hearts to the small hook and give the bucket a very individual and suitable look that is ideal for the theme of weddings and love. The Barcino bucket is therefore wonderfully suitable for a wedding as a great table decoration. When the tubs are equipped with the wedding flowers, all that is missing are the chic hearts as motifs that symbolize love.

Atmospheric and warm

Have you ever seen a wedding decoration that adapts to the mood? With Barcino this is done in no time. For the festive part of the day and before the wedding, the buckets can be hung with appropriate white hearts to express the mood. After the wedding – when it’s called in love, engaged, married and love has been sealed – the guests change their pink hearts and the atmosphere is full of love. The white hearts can be signed before changing them and make a wonderful gift, which always reminds of the big day and the loving bride and groom. So the table decoration is not only a pretty flower decoration, but also a souvenir of the wedding for the guests.

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