50 beautiful basket bags for the summer!

The time has come: basket bags with leather handles, bags made of raffia, Birkin baskets and the like will beautify us again in the coming months. I, too, fell for the fashion trend again and got through it Low budget to high end Online shops rummaged – always looking for the latest basket bag trendswhich I can now present to you.

May I introduce? 50 straw bagsone more beautiful than the other – which one do you choose?

50 beautiful basket bags for the summer - 50 beautiful basket bags for the summer!

The basket bag trend in everyday life!

To the Bag trends in summer those made of raffia and straw definitely also count, as they embellish our outfits every day and take care of them a good portion of summer feeling! For a long time now, we have not only worn beautiful basket bags on beach holidays, so it is not surprising that numerous online shops have a lot everyday models have stock. From playful to elegant, from boho to casual, everything is included and I am now presenting the 50 most beautiful ones to you. Happy shopping!

Styling tip for basket bags:

Decorative guitar straps, i.e. bag handles, transform a basket bag with short handles into one in no time perfect everyday companion.

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50 dreamy basket bags & straw bags for every day:

  1. Let’s start with a large basket bag that could become your perfect summer companion: a raffia tote with leather trimmings and a silk scarf
  2. This summery companion in pastel colors is a bit smaller, but still powerful.
  3. For those who can’t wait for vacation, this Summer Tote is a great choice!
  4. This shopper is the perfect accessory: the details immediately create summer feelings!
  5. This elegant straw bag is also great with summery office outfits!
  6. This shopper made of straw convinces with handles of different lengths and understatement.
  7. This tote in green spices up every basic outfit and gives every look a good portion of coolness!
  8. Are you looking for a stylish companion for your weekly shopping? How about this reliable companion?
  9. This basket bag with embroidered logo is simple, but by no means boring.
  10. This summery, elegant bag variant offers space for smartphone, make-up, wallet and co.
  11. Fans of yellow have a summery highlight in their wardrobe with this basket bag!
  12. On the other hand, if you like blue, you should rely on this Straw Tote.
  13. This handy basket bag combines a casual and casual look.
  14. Bucket bags are also very popular this season: This small model in great colors is particularly beautiful!
  15. Staying true to form, how pretty is this raffia straw bag?
  16. The universally popular Marcie Tote is a real highlight among the current basket bags!
  17. This straw bag is playful, but still a casual companion for every day.
  18. It can be worn in many different ways: the striped straw bag.
  19. This small bag made of raffia can be spiced up with a guitar strap.
  20. This shoulder bag made of raffia is a real street style highlight.
  21. This round straw bag with pompoms is playful and very girly.
  22. This simple variant in beige is a basket bag that can be combined with everything in everyday life.
  23. This shopper is my personal highlight for city and beach.
  24. Birkin Baskets were named the new It-Bags last year and we’ll be wearing them up and down in the coming seasons. Play it safe with this stylish basket!
  25. This Straw Bucket Tote is in no way inferior to the trendy Birkin Baskets.
  26. A black basket bag from Saint Laurent can be bought online here.
  27. This small structured straw bag is a real bargain!
  28. If you are still looking for the perfect bag for your boho outfit, then grab this sustainable tote right away.
  29. Fans of shoulder bags will get their money’s worth with this Cross Body Rafia Bag.
  30. Looking for a bag with a cult character? Then grab this model from Cult Gaia.
  31. This woven handbag is from the same label and perfect for holidays.
  32. We always get summer in the city with a handbag made of raffia!
  33. May I introduce: the perfect shoulder bag for after-work activities.
  34. It doesn’t always have to be brown! How do you like this bright green shopper?
  35. This black straw tote is at the top of my wish list!
  36. This straw tote kills two trends with one stone: wicker and trend colour!
  37. This raffia straw tote is the highlight of every summer office outfit.
  38. My favorite interpretation of a straw shoulder bag is this casual version.
  39. This straw bucket bag comes without a lot of frills, but with enough space.
  40. You get a successful mix of elegance and coolness with this bag.
  41. This straw bag impresses with colour, shape and design.
  42. Perfect for weekend trips: a large straw bag with leather details.
  43. The large shopper in pink refines every summer look.
  44. Ready for summer, beach and sea? Even more so with this basket bag!
  45. This everyday straw bag convinces with long handles and a matching inner pocket.
  46. It doesn’t always have to be the XL bag – what do you think of this shoulder bag with a wide strap?
  47. This raffia shopper will become a stylish and elegant everyday companion, guaranteed!
  48. Fans of non-color and minimalism can’t go wrong with this woven bag.
  49. Hey Karl! Here you can find the iconic tote bag!
  50. This shopper with a detachable shoulder strap is the perfect end to my basket bag highlights.

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