How to combine chunky boots

That’s what makes the Chunky Boots!

If you want to be on trend this season, you’ll arrive Chunky boots not over. At the latest with the model BV Lug by Bottega Veneta in autumn 2019, the hype about the rough ankle boots took its course. The typical features of the boots are the high shaft and the chunky profile sole, which usually contrasts in color with the upper material. The chunky boot is a cross between the combat boots and the classic Chelsea boots with a modern and androgynous character, with which you can give every look that certain extra and make it a casual eye-catcher. In the different fashion houses, as the Valentino shoes show, you can find different variants of the chunky boots – a short shaft like ankle boots, but also longer variants that almost border on a boot. As long as there is a thick profile sole, the most important trend criterion is given.

The robust boots prove to be a thoroughly waterproof shoe choice for rainy weather and on cold days with snow. But even in the warmer seasons, the optically masculine boot can be integrated into a light and delicate look, especially in light versions such as pastel shades or a fluffy cream tone. They look both elegant and casual, especially through the interplay of rough and classic elements. This makes them an all-rounder in the shoe closet, so that you no longer want to take your boots off.

How to combine chunky boots - How to combine chunky boots

Chunky boots have a certain standing and give every look an exciting look and self-confidence.

How to combine chunky boots

Styling tip:
The greater the contrast to the chunky boots, the greater the effect.

Styling tip:
In order for the trend boots to look right, you should choose a simple outfit.

Thanks to their timeless and modern look, chunky boots can be combined with almost any style. An exciting break in style is guaranteed when you mix flowing fabrics with the rough trend shoe. But the chunky boots with narrow silhouettes create the greatest effect. Skinny jeans can be styled this way, as can silky dresses and skirts.

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Combine chunky boots in winter

The high shaft of the chunky boots is ideal in winter or in wet weather conditions. Skinny jeans accentuate the chunky boots. But leather pants in particular are a good choice for chunky boots. These give every outfit a rock character and are a perfect look for every day in just a few steps. A soft, large-cut sweater underlines the look. Puffer jackets or long coats go particularly well with this.

Combine chunky boots in spring

Chunky boots are also indispensable in spring. Light and pastel tones, as seen in this look, set a feminine accent in combination with light and flowing materials such as silk. Pleated skirts in midi length, but also short leather skirts are also a good choice here. A trek coat completes the look and even looks elegant.

Combine chunky boots in summer

Chunky boots should also be given a chance in summer. On cooler summer days, they ensure the so-called break in style in light and fresh colors in combination with floral dresses and don’t let the look look too well-behaved.

Combine chunky boots in autumn

In autumn, chunky boots are styled with knitted dresses in a wide variety of lengths. A combination of wide knitted pants in culotte form is particularly popular. But even with an elegant two-piece suit you attract everyone’s attention, as this look proves.

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