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Dec 9, 2022

Shine bright like a diamond! Every year we crave a sparkling upgrade for the festive season. Because we’ve worn sequins so many times, another shiny material comes to the fore: lurex. Because there are so many more ways to wear glitter. And not just in December. Because shiny fabrics are here to stay.

We want to shine all year round and Lurex dresses are infused with fine metallic threads so that they shimmer glamorously. Every single thread reflects the light. The new must-haves were already worn during the day in the 1960s, so Lurex turtlenecks experienced real hype. The mods loved lurex woven plaid dresses and Edie Sedgwick created a cult piece with his iconic lurex mini dress. Lurex was invented back in the 1940s and has been popular ever since with its typically subtle shimmer, which can look irresistibly elegant on a dress with a feminine cut. Lurex is the material that can enhance your garment with metallic silver tones, enchanting shades of blue and irresistible gold tones – for a special occasion, a night-out or, combined appropriately, all day long.

Lurex dresses Magical shiny fabrics - Lurex dresses » Magical shiny fabrics

Lurex tunic dress & flared trousers by Ana Alcazar

What is Lurex actually?

Lurex is a synthetic yarn made from polyester. The usually fine yarn is vaporized with aluminium, silver or gold, which creates the typical metallic shine. If the lurex thread is silver-plated or gold-plated, the shiny dress or sweater will cost a little more. Lurex does not crease, is hard-wearing and tear-resistant. Lurex is often knitted into jersey fabrics in particular. Lamé fabrics made of wool or silk are also often made with Lurex. Lamé fabric is a light fabric into which the metal threads are worked in at larger intervals. Especially jacquard fabrics with lurex threads look very dignified. But even a gray, tight-fitting turtleneck gets an elegant upgrade with the metallic threads.

Lurex dresses Magical shiny fabrics - Lurex dresses » Magical shiny fabrics

Soft Metal – for which occasion are Lurex dresses suitable?

One thing is for sure: effective shiny fabrics refine every outfit, but clearly set the tone for holiday looks. Christmas and New Year’s parties are the perfect occasions for the silver, metallic or gold effects. Silvery metallic party dresses that are knee-length or short and tight are popular at lavish parties. Whether your model has narrow straps à la slip dress or balloon sleeves and ruffles in the middle is up to you. Lurex speaks for itself and is preferred by most to be worn as a solo star that makes us shine. So if you want to go all out, combine your short dress with the silver lurex threads with metallic pumps – but make sure that the shimmering nuances are as identical as possible.


On the other hand, long, flowing evening dresses, which attract everyone’s attention with subtle jewelery and straight-cut blazers, look more classic. Unlike sequins, lurex dresses shine more subtly, which gives them their irresistible attitude. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to a reception, a star restaurant or a concert – the following applies to all special occasions: the lurex dress is and remains the star of your overall look – so it’s worth holding back when it comes to accessories.

But Lurex pieces are not only a good choice for the brilliant festivals of the year. They are comfortable and convenient, so you can also wear them in everyday life. With a few little styling tricks, you can create a stylish 24/7 outfit with your shiny dress. With the right team partners, metallic clothing can really shine for any occasion.

How do you combine shiny fabrics for everyday use?

Velvet, satin and lurex are classic party fabrics that have traditionally been left to the »festive season«. In the meantime, however, the clear trend has emerged to make the shimmering gold and silver shine looks year-round favorites. Lurex garments are now allowed to shine outside of the holidays, just like they used to in the 1960s. The subtle difference here is the combination. Since Lurex always exudes a touch of glamor due to the fascinating reflections, you should mix the fabric skilfully during the day.

The magic word is: downgrading. How it works? Through clever layering with everyday fabrics such as knitwear or jeans. Wear an XXL coarse knit or oversize sweater and flat boots with your long, figure-hugging Lurex dress. Create a balanced overall picture and wear dresses with Marlene trousers and cardigans. Or grab a plain black turtleneck with a shimmery dress and complete your look with an XXL blazer. Material mixes immediately ensure a pleasant downgrade and help your shiny dress to create an individual look for every day. The whole thing also works the other way around: combine casual wide pants and tight tops with a Lurex blazer, for example. Voila! You’ll be ready for any more formal occasion in no time.

Tip: Combine shimmering lurex fabrics for everyday looks with different textures.

Glitter tops – your entry into the shimmering business

Maybe you don’t want to try an all-over glitter look right away. Even a single piece of Lurex immediately turns every outfit in the direction of »glamour«. Make a stylish statement with a shiny top, because Lurex tops are guaranteed to draw attention. If you want to create an elegant evening look, be sure to choose team partners made from high-quality fabrics: elegant Marlene trousers or a midi skirt with a pleated look are stylish companions. Especially when the top is slightly transparent, stylish combinations are required – don’t forget, it’s always about the right balance between spectacular and high-quality, simple pieces. A faux leather skirt with filigree ankle boots in the waistband can also be a fashion match. Fashionable sparkle included!

In everyday life, on the other hand, the motto is: casual and glamorous. The party top can also shine during the day – for example as a highlight of a jeans outfit. Materials such as leather or knitwear also fit perfectly, they take away the extravagance of the shiny top, which would be too much for everyday wear. With sneakers or rough boots you give your outfit an exciting twist, high heels would be too chic for the daily street walk.

Tip: It doesn’t matter whether you choose a dress or a top with a shiny look: the rest of the look should be very subtle in everyday life. In the evening you can go all out uninhibitedly.

How do I care for lurex fabrics?

The good news: Lurex is a resilient, durable fabric that does not lose its enchanting shimmer even after many washes. It is best to wash Lurex pieces gently at 30 degrees. To protect the material, it is best to pack your dress or top in a closable laundry bag. If your dress is lurex processed with fine silk, it gets a bit more complicated. Basically, silk should only be washed by hand with a mild detergent and warm water in order to preserve the color strength. If you want to be on the safe side, send the garment to the dry cleaner.

Queen of the night or Sparkling Queen of the day? We wish you bright moments with the lurex looks made of metal fibers that play with the light. Get your sparkle on!


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