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One of the biggest myths about older women is that they are no longer interested in looking stylish. There is a misconception in our culture that women over 60 are invisible, old-fashioned and uninterested in beauty and fashion. Just because you’ve reached a certain age doesn’t mean you can’t be chic anymore. Many trends are intended for the younger generation. But it’s the seasoned fashionistas who can exude real style, which is very different from being “on trend”. If you’re in your 60s and still want to look chic, here are some fashion tips for women over 60.

Fashion tips and tricks for women over 60

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Read our clothing tips for older women

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Fashion for women over 60: what not to wear

Women over 60 are often more elegant than when they were younger because they have more confidence and a greater sense of self – they know how to dress to show who they are. But there are certain pieces of clothing that often make you look dated and boring. If you have these clothes in your closet, it’s better to throw them away immediately:

  • Floor-length dresses with a floral print
  • Long (ankle-length) unstructured A-line skirts
  • Pants with elastic waist that make everyone look like a balloon
  • Oversized t shirts
  • Loose dresses in the form of sweaters (usually made of khaki or denim colored material)
  • Sweaters with embroidery, appliqués, etc. (especially Christmas sweaters)

The ultimate guide to budget-friendly fashion for women over 60

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For more information on what not to wear, see our article on the subject. Then start redesigning your wardrobe. The easiest first step is to be monochromatic. This means that you only wear one color at a time, e.g. B. blue, red, green, black, white or khaki. Don’t worry about it being boring – a monochromatic outfit is a slimming and classic look. You can always experiment with textures of the same color if you need more excitement.

Designers are developing the same fashion trends for mature women as they are for the younger generation

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Simple fashion tips and tricks for women over 60

When it comes to fashion for women over 60, there are a few simple tips that can help you look amazing and feel younger and cooler:

Nothing beats a great accessory

One area that older women seem to keep neglecting is the accessories category. Instead of wearing your entire jewelry box every day, focus on wearing just one eye-catching piece at a time. Don’t be afraid to wear trendy accessories either. Keeping your wardrobe simple allows you to add trendy accessories without making it seem like you’re trying to be young. In the stores of the big and well-known brands you can find trendy accessories that won’t break your budget.

You can never go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry

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Denim looks fantastic on women over 60

A nice pair of jeans that are cropped, straight-leg, or wide-leg look fabulous on older women. If you’re a bit wider at the bottom, consider choosing a pant or boot cut jean, as the flare will draw attention away from your midsection and make you appear slightly taller. Also look for jeans with at least 2% elastane/lycra content. This allows the jeans to stretch to conform to your figure and control any problem areas.

The good old classic – denim

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And speaking of skinny jeans…

If you’re a little smaller at the bottom, you’re a perfect candidate for straight-leg jeans or skinny jeans (even if you have a bit of a belly). For those of you with a bigger belly, you should choose skinny jeans with a slightly higher rise (so they sit better on the waist). And if you have gray hair, the dark navy color of the jeans really brings out the gray in your hair. Combine the jeans with a light-colored t-shirt.

Skinny jeans aren’t just for young women

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Wear lots of color

You should try to add some color to your wardrobe. As a “seasoned fashionista,” there’s no reason why you should give up your color wheel just because you’ve reached a certain age. If you have a darker skin tone, you’re in luck because you can wear almost any bright, vibrant color. The brighter the better. If you have lighter skin and are concerned about looking washed out, start with the color of your eyes. That flatters everyone!

Just make sure to combine the colors correctly and you can’t go wrong

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Show off your cleavage!

Remember when women over 60 were told to cover up? Well, those days are a distant memory now. If you have something to offer, show it (in moderation, of course). A bit of cleavage is not only attractive, but it can also make you look slimmer.

Don’t be afraid to show off the beautiful parts of your body

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Embrace pant suits

Admit it: you used to envy Katherine Hepburn how chic she looked in her pant suits. You might still envy the powerful presence their suits exuded, so why not copy their style? A pantsuit suits any time of the day or night, for lunch or a party, for the office or for church, and it always, always looks smart. Find a piece of clothing that suits your personal style and figure, have it tailored and you always have the perfect outfit for every occasion. Complete your outfit with a trendy pair of sneakers.

Trouser suits are no longer just for men

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Look at the icons of the style

One of the great things about women over 60 is that we now have more fashion role models than ever before. Women over 60 are still too often marginalized and made invisible by the media and our culture, but there are some prominent women over 60 who are fashion icons. Tina Turner, for example, is not only a style icon for our generation, and she still looks healthy, beautiful and fashionable at 80 (in 2013, Tina Turner even remarried – to a man 16 years her junior).

Tina Turner is a fashion icon of all time

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Priscilla Presley (75) is another style icon with a fashion sense to be proud of. As a businesswoman and actress, she has maintained her health and beauty beyond what most people imagine.

Priscilla Presley is a great example of a stylish and successful lady

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Fabulous outfit ideas for women over 60

Sandra Roussy, fashion and beauty writer for Sixty and Me, has rounded up a few outfits that she thinks are ideal for women over 60 and we wanted to share them with you:

Timeless black and white

The classic black and white never gets old. Well-fitting black trousers and a white top are must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe. Combine it with sophisticated silver jewelry to keep your look monochrome and elegant.

Black and white is an all-time classic combination

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Casual Natural Day

Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and cashmere feel nice and are simply better for the skin. White linen trousers are easy to combine with colored or printed tops. Add natural makeup to accentuate your features and complete the outfit.

Women over 60 are reinventing the world in many ways

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Blue Mood

You’re never too old to wear denim. Make sure you choose straight-leg jeans with a high waist so they fit well. For a more sophisticated look, you can forego the trendy holes and worn look that younger people wear. Opt for clean, darker jeans as these more mature women stand better. Also, look for jeans that cover your tummy. Pair them with white ballet flats and a printed top and you’re good to go.

When wearing skinny jeans, it is not the age that matters, but the fit

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Outfit for an evening outdoors

We all need a little black dress in our closet that we can wear to any occasion. Choose a dress that is knee-length or mid-length (tea-length) and that is classic and structured. You can keep your little black dress for years and dress it up with your latest accessories to give it a different look every time.

The little black dress is a classic that hasn’t changed over the years

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Elegant from day to night

Jumpsuits are bang on trend and not limited to younger women. The jumpsuit can be dressed down or dressed up, allowing you to transition from day to night in an instant. The cute little silk scarf can be tied around your neck or around the handle of your handbag to add a pop of color.

Jumpsuits are comfortable and stylish for all ages

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