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Apr 13, 2023

The classic relaunched – strap dresses are simply indispensable in summer fashion. On the catwalks of this world, the strap dress is always the hit – in the truest sense of the word. Here you can find out how to style the trend piece correctly and which variant is right for you.

What is a slip dress?

Strap dresses are probably the oldest and certainly the most popular form of dress, probably because it is so simple and sober. Even in ancient times, people wore dresses that were held by straps on the shoulders. Whether short, long or midi; whether in an A-line, as a tube dress, as a dungaree dress or as a babydoll – What all variants have in common is that they are strapless and are held in place by more or less narrow straps. This makes the strap dress an ideal summer and leisure dress that can be combined and styled in a wonderfully versatile way.


What forms of strap dress are there?

There are many different variations of strap dresses: Depending on how wide or narrow the straps are and the general style of the dress, a distinction is made between spaghetti strap dresses, dungaree dresses and the famous slip dress.

► The spaghetti strap dress

Anyone who experienced the 90s could not avoid the spaghetti strap dress. Even today, the simple dress with the very thin straps is absolutely trendy and is constantly being reinterpreted. A spaghetti strap dress can be very different: simple and more casual, or sexy and elegant as an evening dress. What both variants have in common is that the straps are ultra-thin.

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Rihanna in a playful flounce dress with spaghetti straps

► The overall dress

Just like the overalls, the overall dress is a real cult piece of clothing. Its trademark are wide straps and a bib to which they can be attached. Unlike the spaghetti strap dress, the bib dress does not create a flowing silhouette, but strictly speaking consists of three parts: the (usually wide) skirt, the bib and the approximately 4-6cm wide straps.

1681373322 866 Strap dresses Current trends for the summer - Strap dresses » Current trends for the summer

Wide dungaree dress with wide straps

► The slip dress

The slip dress is the sexy variant of the strap dress. Its characteristics: Narrow straps, a thin and flowing fabric such as silk or satin and a low neckline or waterfall collar. The slip dress can be long or short, but in most cases it is narrow and form-fitting.

1681373322 868 Strap dresses Current trends for the summer - Strap dresses » Current trends for the summer

Out of bed look: satin slip dress

This is how you style your strap dress in summer

The strap dress is almost a must-have in every capsule wardrobe. In any case, it is a great essential for the summer holiday, precisely because it can be styled and combined in so many ways. Here are seven tips on how to best style your strap dress in summer:

► Pure and summery

Summer, sun, beach and a spaghetti strap dress. Simply style your summery dress casually with flat sandals, a sun hat and a light shacket (as wind and sun protection).

► Sporty with a t-shirt or long sleeve

Minimalism is in trend and a simple and monochrome strap dress goes well with it, because nothing is easier and more versatile to combine! Simply wear your black strap dress with a white, black or colored t-shirt underneath for an everyday look and combine it with ankle boots, sneakers or chunky boots!

► Elegant and timeless

A strap dress plus high heels is an unbeatable combination when it comes to creating simple elegance. The following applies: The more sensual the fabric (e.g. if silk or satin is used), the sexier the look. Sturdy fabrics such as cotton, linen or knitwear, on the other hand, radiate more down-to-earthness. Soft and flowing fabrics such as lyocell or viscose feel somewhere in the middle and are therefore super easy to style.

► Sofisticated with blouse

Strap dress plus blouse is a combination that raises many question marks at first glance, but works great at second glance. Designers such as Valentino or Fendi simply styled their strap dresses and dungarees with monochrome slim-fitting blouses, creating irresistible looks.

► Businesslike with a turtleneck sweater

A strap dress looks casual but at the same time super serious in combination with a simple, thin turtleneck – underneath or on top. By the way, wide straps fit better than narrow spaghetti straps. And: A-line dresses with a high neckline look feminine but also tough at the same time and go perfectly with the business context. Simply combine it with high boots or loafers and the office look is complete!

► Timeless with a blazer or trench coat

The layering look is ideal if the strap dress is to fulfill several functions at the same time: Simply combine your basic dress with a classic blazer or a trench coat and the everyday business look is ready.

► Clean in the capsule

Last but not least, a simple black or white slip dress is simply an absolute essential in every minimalistic capsule wardrobe. In summer, a white strap dress can be styled super in a boho look, the black strap dress even fulfills several functions: solo as a “little black dress” for the evening or in combination with a shirt, long sleeve or shacket as a casual everyday outfit.

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