The best beauty helpers against pigment spots

Dark irregularities in the complexion are called pigment spots, hyperpigmentation or “dark spots”. The discoloration of the skin is caused by an overproduction of the skin pigment melanin and can have various reasons. Fortunately, there are creams, serums and treatments that lighten the dark areas and ensure an even complexion!

Pigment spots can appear on the face, hands or other parts of the body and are usually the result of excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes, genetic predisposition or aging. Skin damaged by acne often reacts with hyperpigmentation, which only fades very slowly.

The best beauty helpers against pigment spots - The best beauty helpers against pigment spots

The blame for the harmless stains is the Skin pigment melanin, which is increasingly formed when exposed to sunlightto protect the skin from harmful UV rays. At the same time, the dye is also responsible for the tan of the skin. If one of the disorders mentioned above is present, the melanin can cause a permanent discoloration of the skin.

Care against pigment spots

A good UV protection protects the skin and prevents sun damage and thus pigment spots from developing in the first place. By the way, this not only applies to holidays, but every day.

Care products that reduce the formation of melanin are useful for the treatment of pigment and age spots and for the prevention of pigment disorders. For this, for example vitamin C be applied. On the surface of the skin, this ensures that discolored skin cells are removed more quickly. In the deeper layers of the skin, it inhibits the formation of melanin.

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Creams with a bleaching effect, so-called Brightening Creams, can provide a brightening effect. The active ingredients it contains are able to break down and transport away melanin and inhibit the production of the skin pigment. The creams must be applied daily over a longer period of time so that the first results are visible. Whitening creams with vitamin C, mulberry or oleic acid extract can also reduce melanin production.


Treatments against hyperpigmentation

How good that you can do something about hyperpigmentation at home or at the beautician. Through a chemical peel With amino acids, fruit acid, azelaic acid and vitamin C, the top layer of skin is removed and skin renewal is stimulated. The acids dissolve the outer layer of skin, revealing fresh and new skin. The process ensures that the skin repairs itself: Acne scars, skin blemishes, creases, but also pigment spots are reduced and lightened with regular treatment with fruit acid.

In the Microdermabrasion the epidermis is removed gently and in a controlled manner with the help of fine crystals. The aim of the treatment is to remove dead skin cells and skin impurities and to permanently reduce wrinkles and pigment disorders.

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One works even more efficiently medical laser treatment, in which the pigment spots are permanently removed. During the treatment, the skin is “shot” with energetic light that destroys the pigments. After the treatment, the body slowly breaks down the pigments, so that the intensity continues to decrease. As a rule, about four sessions are necessary, depending on the severity of the pigment spots.

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