The festival season is just around the corner!

Great folk festivals await us again this year, where we will be presenting ourselves in the most beautiful costumes.
So that you are up-to-date, we have created an event calendar for you with the most important and largest events in Bavaria and southern Germany. We wouldn’t be AlpenHerz if you didn’t find the most beautiful traditional costume trends and inspiration for your traditional costume fashion here. You will find the right costume for both women and men in our store.

Celebrations in costume

Celebrating in traditional costume is always something special and a great occasion to put your traditional costume fashion in the limelight! The Wiesn is the 5th season and the highlight of the traditional costume season to wear your dirndls and lederhosen. However, this is only once a year and only 2 weeks long. For all those who would like to get their traditional costume out of the closet more often, we have an overview of our favorite festivals & events to celebrate in traditional costume and lederhosen!

  1. White sausage party at the Stanglwirt: On January 20, 2023, the 30th legendary Weißwurstparty was celebrated at the Stanglwirt together with 2,800 friends of the Stanglwirt, regular guests, skiing legends and various prominent personalities. This is one of the first events of the year where the dirndl and the dirndl blouse are welcome to be taken out of the closet!
  2. Spring Festival in Munich & Stuttgart: The 57th Spring Festival in Munich takes place just in time for spring, as it does every year. From April 21st, 2023 to May 7th, 2023 you can find an extensive, attractive and traditional entertainment program on the Theresienwiese in Munich! The Stuttgart Spring Festival will also take place from April 22, 2023 to May 14, 2023 and is even a week longer than the Spring Festival in Munich – for all those who can’t get enough of partying in traditional costumes!

Of course we have also put together the perfect outfit ideas for you for these two events! Our dirndl “Paloma” in the beautiful color olive convinces at every event. With the soft, light blue apron and the eye-catching jacquard ribbon, this dirndl is an absolute eye-catcher at every party! Together with our jacket “Jula” in olive and the waistcoat “Sebastian” in olive you are definitely perfectly equipped for these two events! The best – it doesn’t matter whether you prefer to wear a high-necked dirndl blouse or one with a beautiful neckline with your dirndl – our dirndls look absolutely great with every dirndl blouse!

  1. Strong beer festival at the Nockherberg: The strong beer festival begins on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 – because the Franconian beer festival always begins exactly one day before Corpus Christi and ends on Sunday, June 11th, 2023. As always, the celebrations take place in the moat.
  2. Erlangen Bergkirchweih: The Erlangen Bergkirchweih is one of the oldest and most traditional folk festivals in the world and starts on May 25, 2023 and ends on June 5, 2023 in the beer town of Erlangen.

Of course, we have also thought of a suitable outfit for you for the Erlangen Bergkirchweih: In our opinion, our “Paloma” dirndl in the color berry with a matching blouse and the “Sebastian” waistcoat in dark red are a perfect match for the traditional event in Erlangen. The gold-colored brooch on the bodice makes your dirndl an absolute eye-catcher!

  1. Our highlight in Kempten: Allgäu Festival Week: The festival week traditionally takes place from 08/12/2023 to 08/20/2023 in Kempten. You can find the right costume outfit for you in our store, in the immediate vicinity of the festival grounds.
  2. Gäuboden fair in Straubing: The annual Gäuboden folk festival is one of the absolute highlights in the event calendar of our region. The agricultural festival, founded in 1812, has developed into the second largest festival in Bavaria and thus offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate in your most beautiful dirndls and lederhosen!

As a suitable outfit for the Allgäu Festival Week or the event in Straubing, we have chosen our dirndl “Paloma” in our beautiful lilac or our dirndl “Fernanda” in a great cornflower blue! Both dirndls are a perfect match for the two events thanks to their great color combinations of dirndl and dirndl apron.

  1. Munich Oktoberfest: This year we are celebrating the 188th time the largest folk festival in the world. In 2023, from September 16th to October 3rd, 2023, visitors to the Wiesn can look forward to a classic Bavarian party with a great atmosphere in the various large festival halls. In addition, our own brewed festival beer, as well as a variety of carousels and rides.
  2. Wasen Stuttgart: In September, the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart opens its doors from September 22nd to October 8th, 2023 and offers three weeks of fun for the whole family!

For the two biggest festivals in Germany, we have of course also thought of something very special when choosing an outfit! Our dirndl “Alejandra” in beige and “Marina” in light blue impress with their beautiful color combinations of dirndl and dirndl apron, as well as the details on the bodice. Our “Alejandra” dirndl can be perfectly complemented by a high-waisted blouse with embroidery in a soft olive tone – simply the perfect choice for celebrating at the two largest folk festivals in Germany!

Accessories and Bows: Which side should your bow be tied on?

Our dirndls can all be pimped up with the right accessories. You have the choice between high-necked blouses, short-sleeved, half-sleeved, or long-sleeved blouses or blouses with embroidery. You can simply choose the blouse with which YOU feel most comfortable.

In addition, you can equip our dirndl with accessories such as traditional costume necklaces, which express your décolleté even more!

One of the most important questions when celebrating in traditional costume for women is: On which side of my dirndl do I have to wear the bow? The bow on the apron is worn either on the left, right, in the middle or on the back, depending on your relationship status. Stands tied in front right for lovers, fiancées or married people – the wearer of the dirndl is already taken. Stands tied in front left for singles – so the wearer is a non-abandoned one. Stands tied front center for virgins, children and young girls and tied at the back means that the wearer is widowed or works as a waitress.


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