TikTok inspired fall looks

TikTok inspired fall looks heylilahey - TikTok inspired fall looks

I’ve been on TikTok for a while, with multiple accounts. Once with my interior account, with my work for 2050 and then for a private, “secret” account that is all about fashion. The “beautiful” thing about TikTok: The algorithm learns VERY quickly what really interests me (in contrast to the reels on Instagram that were suggested to me). So my fashion account learned very quickly that I’m looking for fall look ideas, that I’m into capsule wardrobes and that I’m more interested in outfits for which you already have the basics in your closet anyway.

I saved some of these videos and filled my Pinterest board with them. I don’t want to buy a lot of new clothes right now. With my baby bump it doesn’t make any sense. I want to be more inspired and maybe create a kind of shopping list, but for the next few months, not days or weeks. So, according to my Pinterest board, the perfect fall capsule can be put together like this (the links are affiliate links, see below for what that means):

As you can see, I already own many parts and I could buy the rest second hand if I wanted to! It’s probably the same for you! So no consumption frenzy required 🙂 just browse a bit in your own closet. Or what do you say? Nevertheless, I have linked the products shown above for you:

Shoes & Bags:

Pants & Skirt:


TikTok inspired fall looks, some screenshots:

1673902893 396 TikTok inspired fall looks heylilahey - TikTok inspired fall looks

Here are a few specific TikTok looks that I saved!

1673902894 227 TikTok inspired fall looks heylilahey - TikTok inspired fall looks

And here is my Pinterest board with fall outfit ideas, I will continue to fill this up, so feel free to follow, also of course TikTok-inspired fall looks again

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