timeless pieces for beautiful everyday outfits

You’ve probably noticed that I often link the IVY OAK brand in my outfits. This doesn’t happen without a reason. When I was looking for the perfect dress for our civil wedding, I found what I was looking for at IVY OAK, for example. Since then, the label counts one of my favorite brands. I particularly liked them high-quality knitwear and coats!

Timeless fashion piecesthat can be combined in many ways – that’s how I like it. I now attach great importance to sustainable and, above all, long-lasting fashion. Fast fashion may be trendy and always up to date, but it is also more expensive in the long run compared to high quality, because you feel like you have to constantly buy the latest pieces to keep up with trends.

With simple evergreens in the box you can style yourself to match all year round instead. With one or the other accessory you set the necessary accents and bring color into your look. Similar to the article about the sustainable fashion brand ARMEDANGELS, I would like to share this article with you here on my fashion blog the fashion brand IVY OAK bring closer.

timeless pieces for beautiful everyday outfits - timeless pieces for beautiful everyday outfits

Minimalist and timeless: fashionable evergreens at IVY OAK

Minimalism is more relevant than ever, and this is exactly where the young Berlin label comes into play sustainable and above all timeless styles at. IVY OAK relies on durable yet contemporary aesthetics. If you’re looking for fast fashion, you’ve come to the wrong place. The young company’s vision is to to revolutionize the fashion industry and to question both consumer behavior and the industry behind it. Good this way!

Durable, fair and transparent – that’s what IVY OAK stands for

The founder of the label IVY OAK said in an interview: “We create fashion that outlives temporary trends and that cannot be pinned down to an age.” This describes the concept behind the fashion label exactly. It’s about outlasting short-lived trends and producing fashion that’s up-to-date at every age and every season.

The focus is not on the trend, but on personal style. The finest fabrics, fair production, at transparent and reasonable prices – that is what is important to IVY OAK. That’s why Caroline Gentz, the woman behind IVY OAK, designs high-quality clothing at reasonable prices.

Especially the bridal line is her heart project. It is important to her that wedding dresses can not only be worn one day, but can also be worn beyond that. With the idea of ​​designing wedding dresses in a fair and high-quality way for an average budget, Caroline Gentz ​​was able to successfully close a gap in the market. As previously mentioned my wedding dress for the civil marriage also by IVY OAK – a wonderful dress without a lot of frills, which was just perfect.

High-quality and affordable wedding dresses from IVY OAK

behind the scenes: Who is behind the label IVY OAK?

The IVY OAK label was founded in Berlin in 2016 by fashion designer Caroline Gentz. It is particularly important to her to create fashion consciously in order to also consume it consciously. Before she took the step into self-employment, she worked for Zalando as a designer for many years.

caroline is important fashion for eternity to create. Whether relaxed leisure fashion, casual business looks or special moments in life such as a wedding dress or maternity wear – her styles adapt to everyday life as well as to the special moments in life.

This thought is also reflected in the label itself. Ivy (IVY) stands for permanence and growth. The oak (OAK) forms the contrast and stands for stability and strength. The young entrepreneur also attaches great importance to transparency. In the IVY OAK online shop the price calculation for selected products is clearly visible.

What can you buy at IVY OAK?

You can find IVY OAK products either directly in the IVA OAK online shop or in various other online shops such as aboutyou.de or Breuninger. When it comes to materials, IVY OAK is mainly based on natural fabrics with pleasant skin feeling like Tencel, wool or viscose – all from predominantly European suppliers.

Sophisticated but not aloof styles inspired by the label home of Berlin in a minimalist style with classic cuts are ideal for festive occasions. In addition to chic evening wear, the fashion brand also offers high quality and beautiful wedding dresses at that not only are suitable for civil marriages.

You will also find a huge selection of timeless office looks, Outfits for everyday life as well as casual styles for on the go. The strong colors of the Berlin label ensure a strong appearance and no longer need any accessories: this ensures a modern and tidy look.

Feminine dresses, simple and chic coats, timeless knitwear, elegant skirts, stylish blouses as well as hip cocktail dresses and elegant jumpsuits – the IVY OAK online shop leaves hardly any (fashion) wishes unfulfilled. The right accessories, such as a warm hat for the winter, are also available.

1679176554 57 timeless pieces for beautiful everyday outfits - timeless pieces for beautiful everyday outfits

How sustainable is IVY & OAK?

IVY OAK produces 80% of the collection in Europe, offsetting all CO₂ emissions and regularly investing in climate protection. Making conscious decisions is one of the values ​​the Berlin label stands for. In addition to using organic cotton and recycled cardboard, the company also puts on sustainable and responsible business practices. By a conscious production the fashion label wants to reduce the ecological footprint and achieve maximum social impact.

Caroline Gentz ​​believes that transparency is essential for positive change in fashion. It is therefore particularly important to her to openly present the footprint of their fashion label – so that customers can understand the sales prices exactly.

Fast Fashion vs Sustainable Capsule Collection

Luxury quality does not have to be expensive. By eliminating traditional commercial masses, unnecessary middlemen and the associated costs, IVY OAK affordable and above all timeless fashion at fair prices offer.

sustainability is for IVY OAK timeless and not a trend. That’s why the label combines sustainable, recyclable materials with fair production and short transport routes. Conscious design is a basic requirement for every collection. This is exactly why maternity wear can also be worn when you are not pregnant. There is now a separate kids’ collection! Especially the oversized knit sweaters are so cute on the little ones.

Customer opinion is particularly valuable to the label. That is why the exchange with customers is particularly important, because the fashion brand is not only interested in being accepted because of the styles, but also as a holistic concept. The lifespan of a garment is already determined when it is designed. The IVY OAK label is focused on no longer designing fashion seasonally, but designing them wearable all year round close.

Exclusive fashion for women – my IVY OAK experiences

I think my enthusiasm for this label speaks for itself. In addition, the IVY OAK experiences in my circle of friends are consistently positive. At first glance, a high quality, stylish and timeless wardrobe may seem a bit expensive. However, if you extrapolate the parts over the years and compare this expenditure with trendy fast fashion it-pieces, you will be amazed at the serious price difference. That’s all I’m saying, quality over quantity!

Quality pays off – in every respect. With the necessary basics and matching accessories, you can fulfill any dress code! Whether for the office, at brunch with your best friend or for the next party – with timeless classics you are always dressed stylishly and fashionably.

Do you already have one or two pieces from IVY OAK hanging in your closet?

1679176555 485 timeless pieces for beautiful everyday outfits - timeless pieces for beautiful everyday outfits


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