Trend shoes for summer 2021

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For one or the other, the long-awaited holiday season is already beginning. And now the good weather has finally arrived here in Germany and seems to have stabilised. This tempts us to spend more time outside and spend the warm hours in cafes and good company.

So light summer clothing can finally find a place in our closet. And in addition to light summer dresses and casual styles, this also includes comfortable shoes that round off every summer look perfectly. It’s up to you whether it should be sporty chic or classic. One thing is for sure – especially in summer the shoes have to be comfortable.

A few years ago I was allowed to Apple of Eden I got to know and own some comfortable sneakers and timeless models from the Portuguese brand. All shoes in the characteristic design paired with optimal wearing comfort are manufactured in Portugal in traditional manual work. Only the best and highest quality leather materials are used for the stylish sneakers, sandals and boots.

Trend shoes for summer 2021

Trend shoes for summer 2021 - Trend shoes for summer 2021

Must haves: The white sneaker with comfort

1673899276 826 Trend shoes for summer 2021 - Trend shoes for summer 2021This is how to stylishly combine white sneakers in summer 2021

Especially in summer, comfortable shoes are the be-all and end-all to survive a hot summer day. White sneakers bring a certain lightness to every look. They have long since become classics and can be used in many different ways. So it is not only suitable for the typical denim look, but also for dresses in all variations as well as classic and elegant outfits.

The platform sole on the Apple of Eden models gives the foot ideal stability and is a must-have for anyone who prefers comfortable shoes. Gladly with a little color to give the shoe more excitement and to match the colors of the outfit.

Must Haves: Slide-Ons as a flat summer sandal variant

1673899277 372 Trend shoes for summer 2021 - Trend shoes for summer 2021

Slide-ons as the new shoe trend for summer 2021

In addition to comfortable sneakers, flat summer sandals are equally popular. The slide-on variants à la Adilette in particular are still very popular on warm summer days and are timelessly elegant summer classics among shoes. As a statement piece with a clean look, the slice-ons look timeless and chic. With extravagant details and high-quality braided suede, the beautiful sandals can be converted from a casual leisure look to a fashionable going-out outfit.

While the slide-ons are easy and uncomplicated to combine, the Apple of Eden models score particularly well with convenience and comfort. So they simply meet all the fashionable expectations of a fashion trend.

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