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Calla (Zantedeschia) | Flower lexicon and more

The calla is a beautiful to look at and elegant flower. Find out more information about them here.

Botanical name: Zantedeschia

Genus: Zantedeschien

Plant family: Arum family (bot.Araceae)

Occurrence: Africa

The beauty and elegance of the calla can hardly be surpassed by any other flower. Her name is actually Zantedeschia. It originally comes from Africa, and all species are still native here. There are eight species of Zantedeschia in this genus, some of which are called Calla.

This is a trivial name that has gained acceptance in common parlance and in the flower trade, but is actually misleading. Because the Zantedeschia called “Calla” should not be confused with the genus Callas, which is dragon arum, a plant that grows in forest swamps in the northern hemisphere. In addition to the confusing naming, the calla also fools us with its flower. The beautifully curved calyx is actually not a flower at all, but just a bract that surrounds the small flower bulb. Thanks to numerous cultivars, the finely curved plants offer a variety of colors from rich, original white to light rosé and burgundy.

In earlier times the calla symbolized immortality and for this reason it is still often used in funeral flowers today. Nowadays, however, it has developed into a flower that symbolizes modernity and elegance in bouquets and arrangements.

Care tips for Calla

Callas should be cut straight. If you cut the stems with scissors, make sure that they are sharp and make smooth cuts. Otherwise, the stems of the callas should not be damaged. In combination with water, injured areas begin to roll up and slim out. For this reason, it is also advisable to fill the vase with water only 2-3 cm high and to shorten the stems by about this length every few days. With the right calla cut flower care, they can stay in the vase for up to ten days.

Calla Zantedeschia Flower lexicon and more - Calla (Zantedeschia) |  Flower lexicon and more

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