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Divi Hair Serum For Fuller, Thicker Hair

I have harped on SCALP HEALTH, SCALP HEALTH, SCALP HEALTH. You need a healthy scalp to have healthy hair. If you want long hair, you need a healthy scalp. But what is the best thing to start with on your healthy scalp journey? A scalp serum, my preferred one? The Divi Hair Serum.

If you want to learn more about how to get a healthy scalp for healthy hair, check out this blog post.

Hair serum or scalp serum?

The term hair serum and scalp serum are thrown around interchangeably but they are usually the same thing and achieve the same thing. A healthy scalp, healthy hair and are used on the scalp.

Divi Hair Serum For Fuller Thicker Hair - Divi Hair Serum For Fuller, Thicker Hair

HOWEVER, scalp oil is different than scalp/hair serum. Oil is a treatment to be washed out, serum is to be kept on the scalp and NOT washed out.

Depending on your goal will determine the product, duh, but if you are looking for scalp health, look for a SCALP serum.

Important note: hair serum will not increase hair growthbut it may encourage producing follicles to grow thicker, shinier hair.

Most of the hair serums out there help to reduce frizz on the hair while scalp serums help soothe irritated, flaking skin and nourish the skin of your scalp.

What Is Divi?

If you don’t know what Divi is, here is a little background on the brand.

1680046342 55 Divi Hair Serum For Fuller Thicker Hair - Divi Hair Serum For Fuller, Thicker Hair

Dani Austin is a blogger that suffered from alopecia and concocted her own hair serum at home to help with her scalp health. She was seeing really great results while getting to the root cause of most reasons for hair loss and launched Divi.

They started with the scalp serum and now have a shampoo and conditioner!

I have seen results from using the Divi hair serum personally and recommend it to everyone who wants healthy hair and really everyone in general.

What Makes Divi Hair Serum

The Divi scalp serum is backed by science and is ‘clean-based’. What I love is that it’s water-based so it doesn’t leave your hair greasy looking so you can apply it in the morning if you want.

The top ingredients are:

  • Copper Tripeptide-1 can potentially extend the growth phase in your hair and promote thicker-looking hair
  • Tea Tree Oil provides dead skin build-up and assists with dry scalp and dandruff
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract increases circulation
  • Caffeine uses as an anti-inflammatory while stimulating growth and preventing hair loss
  • Eucalyptus Oil also as an anti-inflammatory
  • Peppermint Oil to soothe the scalp
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract helps stimulate growth and increase hair density
  • Menthol to increase circulation

My Results from the Divi Scalp Serum

I have noticed a different a big difference in my ‘baby hairs’ since using the scalp serum. I have had SO much hair growth since using it. You can really notice it along my hairline and even on the top of my head especially when I freshly blowdry my hair.

My hair really sparse spot is the left side of my head. My hair just hasn’t really grown there in forever. Probably because when I was younger I wore really tight, slicked-back ponytails.

1676173630 613 Divi Hair Serum For Fuller Thicker Hair - Divi Hair Serum For Fuller, Thicker Hair
My growth after 2 months. Still thin but look at that growth.

It can take up to 3 bottles (3 months) to see results depending on how your hair naturally grows and the condition of your scalp and hair to start with. But keep with it daily and you will see results.

How often to use Divi Hair Serum

I use it every night after I brush through my hair and am ready to go to bed.

Make sure you use it once a day (morning or night).

Apply 3/4 of the dropper to dry or wet hair where you want thicker, fuller hair.

Massage it in and it will soak up quickly.

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