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The pixie cut for older women: short hairstyles to style and look younger

With age, hair becomes thinner and finer. More and more women are showing off their fine hair with a cheeky haircut: the Pixie cut. The pixie is the trend hairstyle of the year 2023 – especially for older women.

Because the varied cut gives the hair more volume, draws attention to its grey, white and colored highlights and makes every woman over 50 look younger and more self-confident.

Why is the pixie cut a symbol of maturity?

Everyone knows Judi Dench as head of the secret service MI6 and James Bond’s superior. In her role, which she played from 1995 to 2012, the now almost 90-year-old shone with the short hairstyle she still wears today: her pixie cut.

Not only since Judi Dench has the pixie hairstyle been a symbol of feminine maturity: Kurt Cobain widow Courtney Love is just as committed to the cut as the popular one Kardashian heiress Kris Jennerwho have favourited Hollywood divas Hellen Mirren, Goldy Hawn and Demi Moore.

The pixie cut has matured for a long time:

  • In 1954, Audrey Hepburn directed it, alluding to the puck of British fables.
  • Twiggy gave him a comeback in the 1960s,
  • Liza Minelli (“Cabaret”) in 1972,
  • Barbra Streisand and Shirley MacLaine in the 1990s.

Every woman who professes the pixie cut associates herself with the show greats of her time…

What Are the Benefits of the Pixie Cut for Older Women?

The pixie cut for older women short hairstyles to style - The pixie cut for older women: short hairstyles to style and look younger

The easy-care, razor-short pixie cut frames the face and draws attention to the eyes and contours. Instead of mourning the loss of the old head of hair, he focuses on the woman’s charisma and her unmistakable character.

The pixie cut suits every woman – whether with a narrow, oval, round, heart-shaped or trapezoidal face.

Its fringed style, which casually plays around the forehead, the temples and the neck area, forgives some wrinkles and some mature contours, because it is as playful as it is strong in character.

These short hairstyles are styled simply, accentuate the facial features, come in many variations and give a fresh and sassy look.

What variations does the pixi cut hairstyle offer for women over 50?

1675416697 828 The pixie cut for older women short hairstyles to style - The pixie cut for older women: short hairstyles to style and look younger

The cheeky short haircut, which benefits from its fringed side and neck sections, varies in the length of its top hair, depending on the style:

Fresh, casual and unmistakable: the long pixie cut

Many women over 50 and 60 rely on the Long pixie cut. Its longer top hair flatters the face and can be draped to conceal wrinkles and bald hairlines.

Cut razor short, the pixie shows off gray hair particularly well and emphasizes the sporty look.

The Lixie: The ideal compromise between short and long

Lixie” is the name of the slightly longer layered cut for women over 60, which flatters the broad and bony face shape. It covers up wrinkles and can be backcombed at the back of the head to conjure up more volume in the hair.

Pixie Bob: A new way to wear bob hairstyles

The pixie bob is based on a fringed, feminine top hair length with shaved side and neck areas to give the main hair an elegant swing.

It can be varied in many ways, such as a curly layered cut with a short neck (wedge cut), a wavy mullet look (mixie) or an avant-garde sidecut pixie that cleverly covers up hair gaps.

Tapered Cut: The short cut with that certain something

The tapered cut takes the pixie cut to the extreme: it shaves off the hair lengths all around to serve up its top hair splendor on creative hair tattoos.

Dyed highlights add the finishing touch to this daring pixie cut for older women.

What should older ladies consider when choosing a pixie cut?

Basically, you can style your pixie cut hairstyles yourself, because the principle is simple:

While the top hair remains long, the hair on the sides and back of the head is cut in fringes, right down to the shaved hairline. Experienced people can do this with hairdressing scissors and hair clippers.

However, until you are unsure, if you are over 50, you should rather go to a professional. He or she knows about the condition of your hair, masters the cutting techniques and will suggest the right pixie cut to you after a type consultation.

Which pixie cut suits which face shape?

1675416697 69 The pixie cut for older women short hairstyles to style - The pixie cut for older women: short hairstyles to style and look younger
  • For Women with an oval face shape and a high forehead, a wavy pixie or a pixi bob with fringed XL bangs is suitable.
  • if you a round face have a side parting with long, asymmetrical bangs that reach down to the cheekbones.
  • Do you have a square or trapezoidal face, the tapered cut dresses you, also called pompadour pixie. It stretches your contours, especially if you style it extravagantly upwards.
  • Diamond Faces dresses the razor-short pixie cut variant with fringed micro bangs and side layers that emphasize the cheekbones.

Styling short hairstyles: What styling options does the pixie cut offer?

1675416697 443 The pixie cut for older women short hairstyles to style - The pixie cut for older women: short hairstyles to style and look younger

These varied haircuts for older women allow a wide variety of styling:

For the tousled undone look, knead some mousse into damp hair roots and tips, shape individual strands with the curling iron and let the pixie cut air dry.

A sea salt spray gives this look a matte, natural hold.

A blow dry with a round brush is suitable for the volume look, which gives the back of your head more fullness. Styling foam supports the volume.

Combed back and fixed with hair wax, the result is the elegant sleek look, backcombed and fixed at the top, a punk going-out hairstyle – as young and fresh as you feel!

… and what is your pixie cut?

So women over 50 and 60 should emulate their idols like Jamie Lee Curtis or Julie Andrews and dare to go for their pixie. Which pixie style do you choose?


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