Copper Hair Color

copper hair color, Copper is a warm hair color that lies between red and orange and gives the hair a vibrant and natural shine. Copper hair color comes in a variety of shades, from light copper tones to deeper, darker reds. Here are some copper hair color tips and info:

  1. Suitable Skin Tones: Copper hair color pairs well with warm skin tones with yellow or golden undertones. If you have a cool skin tone, you should choose a cool hair color.
  2. Hair Types: Can be used on all hair types, but it is important to consider the condition of the hair. If your hair is already damaged, you should strengthen and condition it before applying hair color.
  3. Color intensity: The intensity of the copper hair color depends on the exposure time. The longer you leave the color on, the more intense the result will be.
  4. After Coloring: After applying copper hair color, it is important to take good care of your hair. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to preserve color and protect your hair from dryness.
  5. Color care: In order to keep the copper hair color longer, you should avoid exposure to the sun and chlorinated water. Also use special hair products for colored hair to preserve the color and condition the hair.

Can be a great choice to add warmth and vibrancy to your hair. However, before you go for this color, it is important to consider your skin tones and hair type and make sure you take good care of the hair before and after coloring.

Copper Hair Color LezizKahve - Copper Hair Color
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copper blonde

Copper blonde is a hair color that is a mix of blonde and copper and has a warm, golden tone. It’s a great option for giving your hair a subtle change without completely straying from your natural hair color. Here are some tips and info for copper blonde hair:

  1. Hue: Copper blonde comes in a variety of shades, from lighter, golden tones to deeper, redder tones. It is important to choose the color that best suits your skin tone and personality.
  2. Grooming: As copper blonde is a blend of blonde and copper, it requires special maintenance to ensure the color and shine are retained. Use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for color-treated hair to help maintain color and moisture.
  3. Styling Copper blonde can be styled in a variety of ways depending on your personal style and hair type. Curls and waves can bring out the golden and copper tones and add volume and texture to the hair.
  4. Matching: If you want to change your hair color but don’t want to stray too far from your natural hair tone, copper blonde is a great option. However, it is important to match your makeup colors and clothing to your new hair color.

Coppery blonde is a great option for people who want to change their hair color, but not too drastically. It is a subtle yet vibrant hair color that gives your hair a warm and golden glow. However, it requires special care to ensure the color and shine are retained.

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