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9 simple savings tips to save money in everyday life!

To build up long-term wealth, yours dreams to realize and reserves for unpredictable situations in life, it is important start saving in time. As an entrepreneur, I know what it means to plan for the long term. As a mother, I am aware that things can always turn out differently than planned. That’s why a secure future provision is important to me. savings plans help me to achieve my goals and to implement them in the long term.

I have already shared my experiences with EVERGREEN, the first fee-free asset manager in Germany, here on my career blog. And because it works really well and easily, I’ll take up the topic again and share it my savings tips for saving more money in everyday life with you.

9 simple savings tips to save money in everyday life - 9 simple savings tips to save money in everyday life!

My savings tips: What savings options are there?

Time is money – this slogan is very appropriate when it comes to saving. If you save money regularly, you can look forward to a small fortune over time. You can choose between different options. There is one for every situation various possibilities and individual savings products.

The classics are savings accounts – these have the advantage that they can be accessed at any time. Then there are building savings contracts, where you can dispose of the amount you have saved after a certain period of time. You can also build up your own assets with numerous fund savings plans and specially tailored savings products.

Saving money in everyday life: Saving in the short or long term?

The right time to start saving is now. Self small amounts end up making a big sum and gradually make a fortune. There are many reasons to save: whether for vacation, unforeseeable expenses or to fulfill dreams – with the right product you can achieve your savings goals and fulfill your personal wishes.

to yours Set monthly savings, the first step is to find out where you can save in everyday life. To do this, you need to take a close look at your finances. A monthly fixed cost statement helps you with all your record expenses and you with one to get an overview. Such a household bill does no harm anyway, because sometimes you just lose track. The next step is to think about what dreams and goals you have. Based on this, you can align your savings.

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Saving tips for more money: How to avoid unnecessary costs in everyday life

It is often everyday life that makes our account look very lean at the end of the month. There are numerous ways to do this save a lot of money through simple changes in everyday life. I would like to share the best of them with you now:

Tip #1: Budget book and shopping lists

As an entrepreneur, I keep accurate accounts of my business Income and expenditure. In terms of household helps you household book here, have a good one Overview of monthly expenses To provide. It is important that you honestly write down all the expenses incurred and at the end think about where you can save. The biggest costs are often hidden in everyday expenses.

With shopping lists you can avoid unnecessary spending on groceries. In addition to that, a meal plan the weekly shop because you only buy what you really need. For example, we have a Thermomix in the kitchen. I use it to plan our meals for the coming days before every purchase and then make targeted purchases with a very precise shopping list.

Tip #2: Cancel superfluous subscriptions

If Magazine, apps or streaming services – You can cancel all subscriptions that you do not use regularly with a clear conscience. Even if it’s only $3 a month, it adds up over the years and you could include the $3 in your savings plan instead.

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Tip #3: Check insurance

check yours insurance contracts and consider whether you really need all of them. In many cases there is also a kind volume discountif all insurances are taken out with one provider. It is best to talk to your insurance broker or contact the insurance company directly.

Tip #4: Monthly budgeting

budget planning help you with your monthly fixed costs better to keep an eye on. Depending on the department, you can always allocate a fixed amount that is available for this. This works great for us, primarily with food. In addition, I have set an amount X for myself that I pay monthly at leisure be it for cosmetics, shoes or handbags.

Tip #5: Savings plans and savings goals with EVERGREEN

Is there something you have long wanted to achieve? Then you should play with the idea of ​​investing money flexibly and easily. Because individual savings plans can help you to fulfill exactly these wishes. With EVERGREEN’s savings plans, you set your own savings goal and top it up every month – similar to a savings account. You can read again in this blog post what exactly it is all about and everything you need to know about EVERGREEN itself.

What is the amount you Invest monthly and save you decide all by yourself. The practical thing about it is that you can customize it at any time. If necessary, you can also suspend your savings plan and, of course, reactivate it at any time.

EVERGREEN is the same flexible like the well-known checking account, you can daily make deposits and withdrawalsit’s closed 100% fee-free and works with small investment sums. Already you can moor from €1.00 and pursue a savings goal.

The so-called EVERGREEN pockets are there like digital piggy banks. Each pocket is an investment that grows your savings – return and risk you determine for each pocket individually. Here you don’t just put your money in a savings account, you leave it work automatically for your goals and wishes.

That sounds good? Then just try EVERGREEN for yourself! With the code VERENA10 you get € 10,- given as starting credit.

1679371513 209 9 simple savings tips to save money in everyday life - 9 simple savings tips to save money in everyday life!

Tip #6: Round saving

Small livestock makes crap too. If you do that at your bank rounding savings activate and e.g. For example, if you transfer a certain amount to your own account for each ATM payment, you can save yourself your next vacation. So you save in everyday life by the way and enjoy a nice sum at the end.

I also activated rounding saving. With every ATM payment, the cent amount is rounded up and I have also defined an amount that is automatically transferred to a separate account with every card payment.

Tip #7: DIY

Whether gifts, cleaning supplies or upcycling – occasions for DIY are there many. Gifts in particular often add up to a large sum at the end of the year. But does it always have to be something bought?

Most of us are perfectly happy and are gifted with things that they certainly did not lack. Instead, a homemade alternative would not only be cheaper, but also more personal!

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Tip #8: Second hand

Over time, many things accumulate that we no longer need. Whether clothing, decorative items or pieces of furniture – sometimes it’s time for something new. Instead of buying new products, it is worth looking on sales platforms or second-hand shops. You can often get real bargains. You can do the same with your discarded items. Reselling is worthwhile and is in great demand!

Tip #9: Regular tax returns

Whether self-employed or employed – one tax declaration It is usually worthwhile, as too many taxes are often paid in advance. Incidentally, these can be made up to 5 years later. Even with a small income, you often get more than you might expect.

Simply implement savings tips in everyday life

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees and so it’s often difficult in everyday life, maybe already tight budget Additionally to save something. I really hope that my savings tips can help you.

I can once again recommend EVERGREEN to you. It is simply a high-quality portal for reliable wealth accumulation. As already mentioned, you decide for yourself how you want to build up your savings and whether they should be available in the short term or increase in value over the long term.The focus is always on capital preservation before profit maximization and continuous value growth instead of high fluctuations.

lay your individual savings goals and think about how much of your money should be available in the long term and how much of it should be available at any time. Your personal savings is a prerequisite for the design of your further procedure in terms of savings.

Personally, I think it’s really important, always to have an overview of their own finances and remove excess money guzzlers in a timely manner. It is also worth paying attention, as this money can ideally be invested elsewhere. So: Take your money into your own hands and do something with it!

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