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Fast wild garlic salt with only 2 ingredients

Wild garlic can now be found. In order to be able to enjoy wild garlic all year round, you can make a quick wild garlic salt from just two ingredients, because unfortunately the wild herb can only be found for a few weeks. With wild garlic salt you can wild garlic not only do they last, it’s also a great souvenir or gift for Easter.

You already know that we love wild garlic. If it were up to us, we would eat it all year round. Unfortunately, that is not possible, as it is only available until May at the latest. Today we are going to show you how wild garlic can be processed and preserved. This works very well with a wild garlic salt and you can still enjoy it in autumn and winter. You can find out how we collect wild garlic and what to look out for in the article “Wild garlic – tips for harvesting’ and in our backpack pocketbook ‘Wild garlic – wild enjoyment“ (available here) which is available in our herb shop at www.die-moderne-Krä In the paperback you will also find our best wild garlic recipes and this recipe for wild garlic salt.

Schwermetallausleitung mit Barlauch Koriander und Chlorella - Fast wild garlic salt with only 2 ingredients

Recipe for wild garlic salt

You need for approx. 550g wild garlic salt:

  • 100g wild garlic
  • 500g coarse rock salt

First, the wild garlic must be washed. This is best done in the sink or, for larger quantities, in the bathtub. Then drain and pat dry with a salad spinner or towel. Then puree in the food processor or the Thermomix. Gradually add 500g of the coarse salt or add as much as can be absorbed by the mass. Now the salt should soak overnight so that it mixes well. The next day, the mass then only has to dry. If the sun is shining, I do this on one or more baking trays outside on the balcony. If the sun isn’t shining, you can also do this in the oven at 40 degrees. However, this temperature should not be exceeded when drying the wild garlic salt, otherwise it no longer has raw food quality and the heat damages the ingredients of the wild garlic. Stir the salt frequently to avoid lumps forming. If there are still lumps after drying, it helps if you push the mass through a coarse sieve.

Fast wild garlic salt with only 2 ingredients - Fast wild garlic salt with only 2 ingredients

Finally, the salt is filled into glasses. It is best to use containers made of amber glass, because the herbal salt will only retain its bright green color over a long period of time if it is stored away from light. We recommend storing it in a dark and cool cellar. It can be kept like this for about a year.

Our herb cellar magazine for spring

In our Herb cellar magazine in the Spring edition (available here) we dedicate ourselves to the most important wild herbs in spring. The magazine is available in a printed version (available here) and in a digital PDF version (available here). You can get the magazine in our own herbal witch shop www.die-moderne-Krä without you taking out a subscription.

1676411154 978 Red onions are healthier find out why here - Fast wild garlic salt with only 2 ingredients
The herb cellar magazine is available in a digital and a print edition

Production of wild garlic salt with fine salt

Wild garlic salt can also be made with fine salt. Here we also recommend buying a high-quality salt. Finally, you process and refine it with wild garlic and hopefully have something of it for several months or you can even give it away. A wild garlic salt in a beautiful glass is the perfect gift or souvenir for every herb lover. You get a large selection of different salts here in the online shop of the Achterhof. With the discount code herb cellar10 you save 10 % on your entire order when shopping at the Achterhof. When you make a purchase, we get a small commission from the Achterhof, without you incurring any additional costs.

1678486291 5 Fast wild garlic salt with only 2 ingredients - Fast wild garlic salt with only 2 ingredients

Do you already know the wild garlic mustard?

In addition to the wild garlic salt, we have other recipes. Do you already know the wild garlic mustard? In our post “Make wild garlic mustard yourself – wild garlic recipes in springyou get the recipe for it. Have fun imitating!

With wild herbs and medicinal plants all year round

We have been explaining the world of wild herbs in a simple and understandable way for many years and would like to contribute to making wild herbs more important again with realizable and quick recipes. As an introduction to the world of wild herbs, we have the guide “With wild herbs and medicinal plants all year round“ (available here) written. Of course, the recipe for wild garlic salt is also included here. The book is not just any herbal book, but rather it combines helpful knowledge about more than 50 native wild plants that you can actually find here with tips for use in the witch’s kitchen and in the medicine cabinet. But it also provides an insight into our work, we have many pictures from our garden in the book and would like to give you real experiences with our many self-made pictures. The book is available exclusively in our own herbal witch shop at www.die-moderne-Krä We have no support from a publisher, so you can only order it from us.

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