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Make the bedroom cozy: 7 cozy ideas

Where do we all spend most of our lives? Exactly, in bed! In fact, sleeping is the activity we devote most of our time to. And that’s a good thing – after all, body and mind regenerate primarily during the night’s rest. Good sleep gives energy and is proven to make you happier! That’s exactly why I want to use this post and you 7 feel-good tips to take with you, as you give your make the bedroom comfortable can!

Make the bedroom cozy 7 cozy ideas - Make the bedroom cozy: 7 cozy ideas

This is how it gets cozy in the bedroom!

We have successfully left the spring tiredness that everyone feared behind us. That’s probably why you have it world sleep day fixed on March 17. But maybe the date was just a coincidence. The World Sleep Day is international and therefore not tied to the seasons. Incidentally, only we German speakers have a special word for feeling exhausted in the springtime – does that make us feel even more tired?

It is important to know that you can do something to counteract tiredness. If many other circumstances fit, I recommend you deal with your sleeping environment. In my opinion, good sleep hygiene is the be-all and end-all for relaxing hours.

sleep hygiene are you hearing for the first time? Wikipedia describes it very well. It is the use of certain behaviors to healthy, restful sleep enable or promote and thus prevent or eliminate sleep disorders. How to achieve healthy sleep hygiene step by step? A few of the following tips will help you!

1679789167 701 Make the bedroom cozy 7 cozy ideas - Make the bedroom cozy: 7 cozy ideas

1) Sleep is not just sleep!

For rest is actually not just that sleep duration decisive, but also the sleep quality! If you wake up often at night, lie awake in between, or even take a short trip to the fridge, you may not get it enough deep rest sleep.

To really get the maximum regeneration to get you out of your night’s sleep, it’s important to minimize disruption as much as possible. That means, for example, counteracting nightly cravings in advance with a healthy and rich dinner. Likewise, the television should never be used as a sleep aid – noise and flickering often prevent valuable deep sleep.

2) Always by our side!

Water glass, alarm clock, reading lamp – these are no longer the most important utensils on our bedside table. Today we mainly use it as a smartphone tray. On the one hand, of course, this is due to the fact that the mobile phone is a very reliable alarm clock with a great snooze function and on the other hand many of us check our social media channels to wake up.

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A bedside table should not be just one comfortable height to reach the smartphone, but also supply it with power. Here you will find a great selection of charging stations online, which can also be used as decoration element can be used.

Speaking of decoration: The bedside table is often the first, that we see in the morning – accordingly we should decorate it with things that make us happy! This can be, for example, photos, small plants or your favorite cup.

1679789168 654 Make the bedroom cozy 7 cozy ideas - Make the bedroom cozy: 7 cozy ideas

3) Exclusively for sleeping!

Especially in small apartments, the bed is fast converted into a living area. You snuggle under the covers with your laptop, eat dinner in bed and watch TV – many of you probably know this. You may have noticed, however, that on days when you much waking time in bed spends that falling asleep is very difficult.

Around prevent problems falling asleepit may be wise to do all active activities out of bed to banish. In this way, our brain can get used to fixed, site-specific processes. who his bed only for sleeping uses, you will soon find that tiredness sets in automatically when you lie down.

4) The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of!

Home textiles play a crucial role when it comes to making a bedroom comfortable. Especially the Bedding surface texture is very important for general well-being – after all, we experience it many hours daily up close.

One good place to go for bedding is cradle studio. Here you will find high-quality and sustainable home textilesthat fit into every home and can be bought with a clear conscience. The topic sustainability It no longer only affects the fashion industry, you can and should pay attention to it when furnishing your home.

The creative minds behind cradle studio know only too well that we humans Spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. They offer us the opportunity to buy the home textiles and beautiful accessories we need without a guilty conscience. Here on the website you can find out more about the exciting Sustainable Journey. Just like on them Quality So I pay attention to that too sustainable aspect of my bedding. You’ll sleep better that way. Promised!

Concerning Colors I actually always follow one uniform concept – so are linens, plaids and curtains harmoniously matched. Soft tones such as grey, white, beige or pastel colors have a particularly calming and relaxing effect! The bed linen set from cradle studio can definitely be used as a timeless luxury describe. You get here 100% premium cotton and a naturally matte bed linen. The very densely woven cotton threads conjure up a very strong and at the same time soft fabric that is breathable and washable up to 60 degrees. In winter as in summer a real sleeping pleasure!

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5) The right foundation makes the bedroom cozy!

However, a good night’s sleep requires something more than high-quality bedding, darkness and quiet. The quality of the mattress and the upholstery should also be right. The best way to determine which sleeping pad is the right one is to sit in one mattress studio or advice online.

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It’s a little different with that position of the bed out of. This should definitely be on adapted to the respective room become. A rule of thumb is here: The headboard should be against the wall with a clear view of the door.

6) Well stowed away!

Sleep is particularly good with a clear head. This mindset starts with the bedroom design – if as little as possible is standing around, lying or hanging, it is easier for us to to free our minds. That’s why it is a tidy bedroom with enough storage space so important.

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Beds with integrated storage options are particularly practical – this saves on additional pieces of furniture. Otherwise, it is also advisable to clean up properly and say goodbye to unnecessary ballast.

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7) Hello beauty sleep!

In addition to all the decorative and cozy aspects, we shouldn’t forget a good beauty routine. Because even our skin regenerates overnight. So that she succeeds particularly well, we can of course do it support with care.

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Skin from the mid-20s in particular is happy about a balanced care mix that radiant and young holds. Curious? Here you will find useful tips for the perfect beauty sleep.

You wanted to know how to make your bedroom cozy. Has this question been answered for you? Will you implement some of the above tips?

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