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nkm: Soft skin in winter

Dry skin in winter occurs as the temperature around us changes. There are large temperature differences between the cold air outside and the warm heating air inside. As a result, the skin can feel a little drier and more sensitive than usual. Feelings of tension, irritation and itching can also be reactions to the change. The heating air in particular promotes dehydration of the skin and thus leads to a reduction in the protective function. If you do not counteract this with a rich care product, the skin can even become cracked.

6 tips against dry skin in winter

  1. Strengthen your skin barrier so that the skin can better protect itself from environmental influences. Important: Don’t forget sun protection, even in winter!
  2. Make sure that your winter skin care products contain active ingredients that regenerate the skin, such as ceramides or panthenol.
  3. Protect your skin from drying out with additional or richer care. Facial oils or body butter can help with this.
  4. Provide the skin with sufficient moisture. Masks, for example, can help to provide the skin with more moisture. Therefore, apply it more frequently in the winter months than in the summer.
  5. Your hands also need extra protection in winter. If you have particularly dry skin on your hands, apply a rich cream generously to your hands and leave it on like a mask.
  6. Don’t forget lips! Because they become brittle and cracked more quickly due to the cold winter air and intensive heating air.

Essential active ingredients for soft skin in winter

  1. Active ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier: ceramides, panthenol, probiotic lactic acid ferment, squalane and amino acids
  2. Regenerating active ingredients: ceramides, comfrey root extract, almond oil, medicinal moor, plum seed butter, panthenol
  3. Active ingredients that protect against drying out: plum seed butter, vegetable waxes (e.g. rose wax and sunflower wax) and vegetable oils
  4. Active ingredients that bind moisture: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol, pentylene glycol, sodium PCA and PCA
  5. Skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory active ingredients: cannabidiol, panthenol, birch water, hemp oil, bisabolol, rose blossom hydrosol, cornflower hydrosol, chamomile hydrosol, chamomile blossom oil, Rügen medicinal chalk and zinc PCA care routine for soft skin in winter

Probiotic Concentrate

The probiotic concentrate supplies sensitive and dry skin with amino acids, probiotic lactic acid ferment, camomile hydrolate and daisy extract. It sustainably hydrates the skin, supports the skin’s protective barrier layer and promotes the balance of good and “bad” bacteria on the skin for greater protection against external irritants.

nkm Soft skin in winter - nkm: Soft skin in winter

Algae Hyaluronic Serum

The algae hyaluronic serum combines moisturizing and moisture-binding active ingredients with seaweed extract that counteracts redness. A touch of essential fatty acids has also been added to the smoothing and soothing serum to support the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid! A bouquet of alpine blossoms has a calming effect and helps the skin to calm down.

1673614284 141 nkm Soft skin in winter - nkm: Soft skin in winter

intensive oil

Against impurities and premature wrinkling, the intensive oil uses the abundance of a local medicinal plant garden. It uses the active ingredients of cold-pressed vegetable oils, which are so similar to human skin physiology that the skin can process them. Sea buckthorn, rosehip, thistle and co. regulate sebum production, fight impurities and supply the skin with nutrients for a smooth, even complexion.

Renewing moisturizing cream

The Renewing Moisturizing Cream is the result of the question “Which active ingredients does the skin need to look young and fresh for a long time?” Hyaluronic acid, essential fatty acids and a vitamin cocktail (see table of ingredients) provide the answer in this fluid, quickly absorbing cream. It nourishes the skin comprehensively and thus prevents the formation of wrinkles!

Rose Almond Cream

The rose-almond cream with apple water that comes from an upcycling process from Lake Constance, valuable rose wax, regenerating almond oil and plum seed butter offers all-round intensive care. It was specially developed for use on dry skin prone to dandruff. For face, hands and body.

Cream for the whole family

The cream for the whole family is a mild and rich formula that provides the skin with intensive care and the protection it needs. Rügen healing chalk soothes the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the natural healing chalk promotes skin regeneration. Other valuable active ingredients in the cream for the whole family are panthenol and zinc. Panthenol is known for its anti-inflammatory, moisture-binding and regenerative effects. It promotes cell renewal and can prevent irritation. Zinc ideally complements the formula and promotes the skin’s moisture supply. The cream for the whole family is the all-rounder in the mineral line and is even suitable for babies. Neurodermatitis sufferers can also optimally integrate the cream into their care routine for the whole family.

CBD mask

The CBD mask contains fruit enzymes that remove dead skin cells from dry and flaky skin. In this way, the soothing and anti-inflammatory cannabidiol can be better absorbed by the skin. Ceramides help to regenerate the protective barrier layer and protect against drying out.

1673614284 455 nkm Soft skin in winter - nkm: Soft skin in winter

Complexion-balancing sun protection

This nkm sun protection contains only a mineral sun protection filter and thus achieves an SPF 30. The protective effect is created with mineral filters by reflecting the sun’s rays through the filter particles without penetrating the skin. The sunscreen therefore remains on the skin’s surface and is effective immediately after application. The complexion-balancing sun protection contains no pigmentation and is therefore suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the natural cosmetic ingredients and the mineral filters, it can also be used on sensitive skin without hesitation. Ideal for everyday use.

Nourishing plum balm

The caring plum balm smells slightly sweet and convinces with its moisturizing and regenerating properties. This keeps your lips supple for a long time and also protects them from drying out. The balm is also ideal for very dry areas around the eyes.


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