2 recipes (1 of them vegan)

Everyone who loves seasonal desserts should make and enjoy their own cinnamon ice cream in winter. Especially then, of course, but not exclusively at this time… The recipe works easily, even if you haven’t had that much experience with the preparation of desserts before. The cinnamon is healthy and leaves a festive aftertaste in the mouth and soul. After all, it is one of a large number of desserts that we enjoy at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. First we show you the basic recipe with egg and cream. The vegan cinnamon ice cream is a bit more complex, but from a certain point of view very simple. This recipe comes second. This is followed by three extra tips that will probably surprise even those who already know the recipe.

Cinnamon ice cream tastes good on its own and combines well with other desserts

2 recipes 1 of them vegan - 2 recipes (1 of them vegan)

Make simple cinnamon ice cream yourself with milk and cream

The classic variant of cinnamon ice cream includes the following products:

  • 300 ml milk,
  • 100 grams of sugar,
  • 20 grams of cinnamon,
  • 3 eggs,
  • 200 ml sweet whipped cream.

If you’re making your own cinnamon ice cream, you’ll only need the yolks, so be sure to separate them. You could leave the egg whites aside to use in other recipes. Add the entire amount of sugar piece by piece and beat vigorously. After that comes the milk. Add the whipped cream at the end. Ideally, you should beat everything together with a blender or a kitchen robot. If you don’t have one and are patient, a whisk works pretty well too. Now you should divide the mixture into the appropriate molds for freezing and put them in the freezer. Of course, you could pour them into an ice cream maker if you have one. It takes about an hour for the ice cream to be completely ready!

Cinnamon ice cream tastes like winter and Christmas to many people. You too?

1673579296 377 2 recipes 1 of them vegan - 2 recipes (1 of them vegan)

With this vegan recipe you can make cinnamon ice cream yourself

Would you like to make vegan cinnamon ice cream yourself? On the one hand, this is a bit more complicated because you use more ingredients than in the first, usual recipe. On the other hand, there is no strict order for their entry into the mix. This simplifies the preparation. You mix everything together and it just comes together in a good blender or kitchen utensil.

Experiment with adding some salt or black pepper

1673579296 112 2 recipes 1 of them vegan - 2 recipes (1 of them vegan)

Here are the ingredients you should take when making vegan cinnamon ice cream at home:

  • 20 grams of cinnamon,
  • 250 ml plant milk,
  • 100 grams of sugar,
  • 50 g agave syrup or 100 g honey,
  • 200 g cashew nuts.

Bring all the ingredients together and let stand for about an hour. This is especially important because of the cashew nuts, which you should otherwise soak before mixing with the other ingredients.

If you make your delicious cinnamon ice cream yourself, you can add 2 teaspoons of cocoa, chocolate drink, coffee or cappuccino if you wish!

1673579296 488 2 recipes 1 of them vegan - 2 recipes (1 of them vegan)

Cinnamon ice cream with salt or pepper

A little salt or black pepper with the cinnamon ice cream would be a great surprise for connoisseurs who like to combine contrasting tastes. You can experiment with different amounts. Usually a pinch of it in the mixture is enough for the desired original taste effect. Incidentally, black pepper protects the throat from colds… Nevertheless, you should not eat the cinnamon ice cream too quickly, whether in winter or summer, if you want to stay healthy.

Cinnamon ice cream recipe is so easy! You can prepare it in all seasons and experiment with the different variants

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The coffee flavor goes well with it

Of course, this tip is particularly appropriate when the cinnamon ice cream is enjoyed by adults. You should add up to two teaspoons of coffee or cappuccino. It just tastes great with the cinnamon. Cocoa or chocolate drinks would also be good alternatives. Enjoy such variations preferably in the morning.

You should definitely express with the type of sugar! This can greatly change the taste

1673579297 532 2 recipes 1 of them vegan - 2 recipes (1 of them vegan)

Experiment with the sugar

All cinnamon ice cream recipes use a large amount of sugar. You can’t do without it, but you have the choice to access a relatively healthy alternative. For example, you could use maple syrup or honey in the classic recipe as well as in the vegan one. Coconut sugar or other exotic, mostly healthier variants are also possible. On the one hand, this usually makes the ice cream healthier and on the other hand, by changing the type of sugar, you could always achieve a slightly different taste.

Enjoy it!

You could possibly add some vanilla to the recipe

1673579297 415 2 recipes 1 of them vegan - 2 recipes (1 of them vegan)

Caramel and mint make great ice cream decorations

1673579297 588 2 recipes 1 of them vegan - 2 recipes (1 of them vegan)

Have you already tried cinnamon ice cream or will it be the first time?

1673579298 753 2 recipes 1 of them vegan - 2 recipes (1 of them vegan)

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