10 tips for a summer wedding ☀️ ?️

Many newlyweds choose to have a summer wedding. Not without reason, because the warm weather and lots of sun are welcome at a wedding. However, there are one thing or the other to consider at a summer wedding. What exactly do we tell you in our 10 tips for a wedding in the summer.

Under the keyword summer you can already find a few different posts with lots of great photos for inspiration in our wedding blog. So far, however, a few tips for planning your summer wedding have been missing.


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Decorating a church wedding ideas tips - 10 tips for a summer wedding ☀️ ?️

We have given some thought to what you should definitely pay attention to at a summer wedding:

  • Plan for light meals
  • Provides some shade
  • Avoid midday heat
  • Don’t stay in the sun too long
  • Fan for a little wind
  • Change shoes for the guests
  • Water spray for a bit of cooling
  • Choose the right outfit
  • Drinks bar
  • Ice cream truck for your guests

Plan for light meals

Do you feel like having a lasagna or other relatively heavy meals in very hot temperatures? If you are planning a wedding in the summer, we are happy to offer something “lighter” as an alternative to a roast or something similar. How about a small salad buffet, for example? Alternatively, you could also offer sandwiches or grilled vegetables. The best thing to do is to speak to your caterer. No matter what you choose, the buffet should definitely be set up in an air-conditioned interior. Especially heat-sensitive foods do not like direct sun. This includes meat, sausage, cheese but also fruit or sweets from the candy bar.

We ourselves went to a wedding in the summer. There were small bags with gummy bears as gifts for the children. Even before the wedding had really started, the individual gummy bears became a large “rubber circle”. In the room for the wedding reception it was just too warm, so that the gummy bears in the small bag lost their shape. At the same wedding, the wedding cake was cut outside on the terrace. In addition to the cake, there was also one or the other cake pop.

You can imagine that these didn’t look beautiful long after standing in the blazing sun. So if very warm temperatures and a clear blue sky are forecast for the day of your wedding, make sure that food is appropriately protected.

10 tips for a summer wedding - 10 tips for a summer wedding ☀️ ?️
Salad with anti-pasti for the wedding

Provides some shade

In our article “Wedding ceremony in the open air: You should pay attention to that!” We have already described to you that you should definitely make sure that there is some shade. Older people in particular sometimes have problems when they sit too long in the blazing sun.

But not only older people can have problems with the blazing sun. Since your guests are likely to come to your wedding in a pretty dress or suit, everyone is likely to be happy about some shade. Therefore, ask at your location whether there are parasols for outside, if not one or the other.

As an alternative to the large parasols, you could provide small parasols for yourself or for your guests.

Avoid midday heat

When you are planning your wedding schedule, try to avoid the midday heat. When the sun is at its strongest, your guests may not necessarily be in the absolute celebratory mood. If you are not necessarily tied to an appointment, for example at a civil wedding, then try to move the start of the wedding to the afternoon or early evening. After the wedding, you can have dinner together before the party starts. In summer it is often light for a long time, so you can still take full advantage of the daylight, but you have avoided the blazing midday sun.

If you do not have the opportunity to start the wedding in the late afternoon, consider when choosing the location that it is equipped with air conditioning. Your guests in dress and suit will surely be grateful to get some cooling at least inside.

Don’t stay in the sun too long

If you as the bridal couple are preparing for the wedding day, then sunscreen is probably not necessarily on the to-do list. As a bride, you probably want to be nicely made up and styled rather than thickly smeared with sunscreen. So on the day of the wedding, don’t forget to stay out in the sun too long so that you don’t get sunburned.

Fan for a little wind

For our own wedding we had small hand fans ready for our guests. Although it wasn’t that hot on the day of the wedding, there wasn’t a single fan left at the end of the wedding celebration.

Many of our guests liked to use the fan after a round on the dance floor and took it home as a small gift.

1632638867 434 10 tips for a summer wedding - 10 tips for a summer wedding ☀️ ?️
Fan for the wedding – As a cooling off for the bride and groom and the guests

Incidentally, compartments for a little wind at the wedding and for refreshment are not expensive at all. In the following we have selected a few for you.

Change shoes for the guests

Running all day in closed shoes or high heels? This does not necessarily have to be the case if you organize change shoes for your guests as an alternative. Flip flops are not only something for tired dancing feet at the wedding party, but also for very hot days. If it gets too hot during the wedding celebration, just take off your shoes and socks and let your feet cool off. You can also put a foot deodorant in the emergency basket for your guests.

Water spray for a bit of cooling

If you are planning emergency baskets for your guests, put one or two water sprays in there in addition to the foot deodorant. It is also important to have your own water spray in your emergency bridal bag. With this you get a quick and easy cooling that will definitely refresh you.

Do you already know our contribution to the welcome bags for the guests of the wedding? You could use this as a gift and put a water spray and maybe a small bottle of water in each bag.

1632638868 801 10 tips for a summer wedding - 10 tips for a summer wedding ☀️ ?️
Welcome bags for the guests of the wedding as a guest gift: expensive variant with a metal basket, various drinks with a bottle opener, soap bubbles, cookies, homemade jam and a confetti cannon

Choose the right outfit

If you are planning a wedding in the summer, think carefully about whether it really has to be a wedding dress with a lot of tulle and all the trimmings. Maybe a flowing and strapless wedding dress would be more suitable for hot temperatures? Also, the groom might not necessarily need to wear a vest with his suit.

Should your dream dress not be suitable for a wedding in summer, but you still want to wear it, then consider having a change outfit ready.

Drinks bar

Especially at a wedding in the summer it is very important to drink enough. Especially as a bridal couple this is often forgotten, so in the worst case you have to reckon with headaches and dizziness. So that it doesn’t get that far in the first place, drink a glass of water again and again.

Maybe you could also provide a drinks bar for your wedding? You can find tips and hints for your own drinks bar in this post. In addition, you could also provide a “Pimp your Drink” bar.

1632638868 603 10 tips for a summer wedding - 10 tips for a summer wedding ☀️ ?️
© Lina Thomsen Photography

Ice cream truck for your guests

A mobile ice cream van can be rented in some cities. This would definitely be a very nice surprise for the guests and at the same time a great opportunity to cool off. Of course, the ice cream van does not have to be standing at your wedding the whole time, but can only temporarily supply your guests with delicious ice cream. This saves you some money, but your guests definitely had the opportunity for one or two scoops of ice cream.

Tip for the bride: It’s better to just choose vanilla, lemon or another non-colored type of ice cream. It is well known that ice sometimes melts quickly. A clearly visible stain on the wedding dress should therefore be avoided.


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Late summer wedding in warm autumn tones - 10 tips for a summer wedding ☀️ ?️

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