10 wedding planning mistakes to avoid

Planning a wedding is not always easy. There are many different things to consider when planning a wedding. Sometimes making one mistake or another cannot be avoided. We’ll tell you 10 mistakes in wedding planning that you should absolutely avoid.

In our blog you will already find an overview of 50 mistakes that far too many bridal couples make at the wedding. There we have described many things to you, which mistakes can be made at a wedding in general. But especially when planning the wedding, there are some things that you should think about.


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Decorating a church wedding ideas tips - 10 wedding planning mistakes to avoid

Do not use a wedding planner

If you are already planning the wedding, you have probably already noticed that wedding planning can sometimes be quite complex. A wedding planner can help you with this. You can either buy this as a printed planner, such as the wedding planner from BonBon Villa, or you can use this free wedding planner, which you can personalize and download. Even if you just take a quick look at the free wedding planner, the download is definitely worth it.

Let someone else dictate the guest list

At some point during the wedding planning you have to create the guest list for the wedding, at least if you don’t want to get married just for two. No matter who you put on the list, keep in mind that you will spend your very special day with the respective people.

Many will now probably think that this is of course logical and understandable. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that bridal couples hear a sentence like “But remember that you have to invite Auntie Ide too!” Or something like “Under no circumstances should you invite Markus, then Manuela won’t come” receives.

That’s why always consider with whom you really want to spend the day of the wedding, not with whom you have to spend it! If you don’t want to read the following articles now, be sure to bookmark these three articles:

No plan-B for the weather

On the day of our own wedding, we noticed what influence the weather can have on the wedding. Probably nobody wants a rainy wedding. Even if good weather is forecast for the day of the wedding, you as the bridal couple should always have a plan B for bad weather.

This applies not only to an outdoor wedding, but to all weddings in general. Even the smallest way, such as from the house to the car and from the car to the wedding ceremony, can sometimes be a challenge. How about your plan for this little path, when it is pouring rain and the ground is more like a small river? Who is holding up the wedding dress and who is holding the big umbrella so that the dress stays reasonably clean and dry?

Please read our 10 tips for a rainy wedding.

Book the photographer only for a certain period of time

Every now and then we hear that some bridal couples find the costs for a wedding photographer far too high and therefore only book them for a limited period of time. At our wedding we booked the photographer for 10 hours. But if we hadn’t had a good friend who had brought his camera with us, we would not have had a photo of our cake, any photos from one or the other wedding game, no photo from the opening dance and many other moments. Our photographer wasn’t there anymore.

If you book a photographer, book a full day report. Of course, we can understand that this may be the biggest item on your budget, but it will definitely be worth the expense. Your wedding does not only consist of the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards, but also of the Getting Ready, the wedding celebration and the many different moments spread over the whole day.

No trial run for hair and make-up

On the day of the wedding, you should fully enjoy your Getting Ready. You slip into your bridal dressing gown, have breakfast and wait for your make-up artist, who gives you a wonderful bridal look. Of course you know what the result will look like in the end, at least if you had a test run for hair and make-up beforehand.

The test run for hair and make-up naturally puts a strain on the budget, as it is often at least as expensive as styling on the day of the wedding. Nevertheless, you should definitely do this, because sometimes the actually favored hairstyle and the selected make-up do not suit your own type. It is usually no longer possible to spontaneously change your mind on the day of the wedding.

Include monetary gifts in your wedding budget

Just recently we read in our wedding group on Facebook the question of whether someone went out after the wedding with a plus in terms of money. You should never add the monetary gifts to the budget for the wedding. You don’t even know how much you will really get.

Of course, you can use money gift sayings for the wedding invitations. In our article “How much money do you give as a guest at the wedding?” You will also find a section on the “minimum amount”. In general, of course, no guest is obliged to give you a certain amount, which is why you cannot calculate how much you will receive.

Assume DIY is always the cheaper option

It’s not without reason that we have the DIY category in our wedding blog. There we will show you many different things that you can make yourself for your own wedding. DIY projects are a great way to save a little money and add a personal touch to your wedding. However, they are not always the cheapest option.

Before you start your first DIY project for the wedding, such as a light bulb, you need different materials and, above all, sufficient time. You should also always keep in mind that some things do not always work on the first try. Overall, the cost and, most importantly, the time required can often exceed the cost of something purchased. There are also a few things to keep your hands off of at a DIY wedding.

Include traditions only for the sake of tradition

There are many customs and traditions around the topic of weddings, such as the wedding almonds as a guest gift or the bridal bouquet. No matter which traditions you know, you do not have to feel obliged to implement each tradition accordingly.

Pick out the traditions and customs that really suit you. In our blog we present you the 10 most beautiful customs at the wedding.

Do not clarify legal issues

A wedding is not just about a beautiful wedding dress, a delicious meal or the perfect location. Registration at the registry office should definitely be on the to-do list for your wedding planning. Without your yes-word at the registry office, you are not married in Germany. For the registration you need various documents, which of course have to be obtained in good time.

In addition, you should definitely think about the maximum number of guests allowed at the time of the wedding. Nowadays, however, this point changes relatively quickly, so that you cannot make sure at the beginning of the planning whether all invited guests are actually allowed to come to the wedding. Therefore, you should regularly check the current situation with the respective rules. In the worst case, you have to unload guests from the wedding.

Get more inspiration

Finding inspiration for the wedding is not really difficult, especially if you are creating your own mood board for the wedding. When the concept for your wedding has been put together and you have planned all your ideas and wishes, then you shouldn’t be looking for further inspiration.

The longer you are looking for more ideas, for example on Pinterest, the more will land on your wish list. Any further idea can ensure that your budget is blown. So at some point you will find a limit where you are no longer looking for new things.


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