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As we have already shown with our “Fall in Love” collection, this autumn LOVE capitalized. When we talk about love, we don’t just mean the butterflies in the stomach and / or the feeling of being freshly in love. Under the campaign name Self-love instead, it should be about self-love, mindfulness and mental health. We want to encourage you to love yourself and to do something good for you more often. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Therefore we have one 30-day self-love challenge considered. During these 30 days you can master a small task every day which should help you to appreciate yourself, to take care of yourself and to learn to love yourself. Because self-love is such an important topic, a few great personalities have agreed to show you and us on a few days what they understand by the topic of self-love.

30-day self-love challenge

The path to complete self-love and self-acceptance is not an easy one. It takes a lot of practice and time to get to know and accept each other and then to love yourself. So that the beginning is not that difficult, we start together with a 30-day self-love challenge. We know that these 30 days are not enough, but it is the first stone we want to get rolling. We hope that you will work hard and would be really happy if you share your experiences with us using the hashtag # 30tageselbstliebe.

30 days of self love Bloomy Blog - 30 days of self-love -

Incidentally, we have dedicated an entire collection of dried flowers to the self-love campaign.

What is self love?

The word self-love is made up of the words self and love. So it’s about loving yourself. And with all strengths … and weaknesses too. Important: Self-love is not to be equated with self-love or narcissism. Narcissistic people see themselves as an ideal and consider themselves more valuable than their fellow human beings. Self-love, on the other hand, is about honest reflection and about accepting and loving each other with all corners and edges.

How do you love yourself

In order to learn to love yourself, it is important that you know yourself. You should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, all beautiful and negative qualities and also your own needs. This takes a little practice and, above all, time in which you deal with yourself. If you are aware of all these factors, know all your sides, you can accept and love yourself in your totality.

Difference between self-love and self-care?

Self-care is not the same as self-love, but it is an important part of it. After all, it is important to take care of the things you love … Even yourself. Most of the time you put yourself aside and take care of other things first. You should take a lot more time for yourself, because you need this to gain strength for stressful or strenuous phases in life.

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Why is self-love so important?

Self-love strengthens self-confidence and gives you more self-confidence

As I said, self-love is also about knowing yourself. If you know your own worth and strengths, you will go through life more confidently. When you are aware of yourself, you have more confidence in yourself. You become more independent of the opinions of others.

Self-love makes you more attractive

A strong self-confidence also has an impact on how other people perceive you: You radiate positivity and balance and thus appear attractive to many other people.

Self-love makes you more successful

If you are aware of your strengths, you can use them more specifically to achieve goals. If you are also aware of your weaknesses and have accepted them, you will get over setbacks more quickly and dedicate yourself to the future with new strength. With increasing self-confidence, the fear of making mistakes decreases, which means that you are more risky and more willing to act.

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