4 great ideas for the night before the wedding!

4 great ideas for the night before the wedding - 4 great ideas for the night before the wedding!Credits: thefreshexchangeblog, Martha Steward Weddings, Ruffled Blog

While it is de rigueur in the USA, for the Rehearsal dinner on the eve of the wedding to invite, this so-called “rehearsal dinner“ Not the typical course of a German wedding celebration.

The wedding planner Asja Ohr from the Association of German Wedding Planners tells us: When I first heard about it, I found the idea of ​​having another meal, often very formal in the US, on top of the actual wedding feast to be rather strange. At first I only saw another stress factor for the bridal couple, since more planning and organization had to be done for this, especially if it was done with a similar amount of effort as is usual in the USA.

On the second look but there is one hidden behind it wonderful opportunityto start a relaxed wedding weekend, especially for the bridal couple and the evening before the big party not with final to-dos, but cozy with friends and family to spend.

How big and elaborate you want to make this evening is of course entirely up to you. But possibly also at the Composition of your guests. Does everyone already know each other, or do you have many guests from different circles of friends who hardly know each other? Does everyone live in the area, or do most of them arrive from further away the evening before? Depending on you can choose one Celebration with close friends and/or family decide, or one get-to-know-you evening organize for everyone, which will definitely benefit the atmosphere the next day.

here four ideas on how to spend the evening before the wedding:

1st family party

A very simple solution would be, for example, a family meal at yours favorite italianin one beer garden or at one casual BBQ. As long as the restaurant has the space and is willing to reserve a suitable area for your company – go for it. A few small decorative elements for the tables to give the whole thing a personal touch and that’s it!

2. Backyard Feast

Alternatively, you can too invite you to your home. You don’t even need a garden for this, because even in the backyard of your city apartment you can create a wonderful setting for an informal meeting with a few fairy lights and lots of sparkling café lights. But to really relax, especially for you, you absolutely have to delegate tasks and definitely should engage catering!

to save4 great ideas for the night before the wedding - 4 great ideas for the night before the wedding!

Credits: thefreshexchangeblog

3. Beach or park party

A loose one Meet at a nice barbecue area or by the lake is a great option for special relaxed couples. Decorate the tables with balloons, flowers or other small details and ask all your guests to bring what they feel like and of course what they would like to share. It is only important in advance (e.g. via a doodle list ) to make sure that you don’t end up with 5 potato salads and no dessert and who takes care of the drinks.

4. Cocktail Hour

Of course, you can also do without dinner altogether. A Meeting in the early evening Eg in a tapas restaurant or a bar that focuses on light bites and drinks focused, seems relaxed and your guests can get to know each other even better than at dinner. It is best to choose a few appetizers as well as one in advance Limited drinks menu a la happy hour off and make sure on Microphone for the speeches is at hand!

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Blendi’s cocktails

Focus on the bride and groom: wedding cocktail with the bride and groom’s initials from Blenndis Cocktails

Finally has Wedding planner Asja Ohr from the Association of German Wedding Planners but one more well intentioned tip: “Whatever and how you plan it – remember, your individual rehearsal dinner is more likely to start in the late afternoon and the Alcohol only in moderation to let it tile, because: everyone wants to be fit the next day!“

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