5 tips to get guests onto the dance floor

When planning the wedding, music is on the to-do list for many bridal couples. By that we mean not only the selection of the song for the opening dance, but of course also the right music for a great party atmosphere. In line with this topic, we will tell you 5 tipsto the Guests on the dance floor to get.

In our wedding blog you will already find 10 tips for the unforgettable opening dance of the wedding. But not only you as a bridal couple should dance on the dance floor, but of course your guests too. It’s not really difficult to do this.


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Involve guests in the opening dance

For a long time we thought about how we would like to design our opening dance for our own wedding. Of course, we also thought about how the dance should end and how we would then get the guests onto the dance floor.

We had thought that after our opening dance we would like to dance together with our guests on the dance floor. For this reason we asked a different guest to dance with us at the start of the next song. The two witnesses are of course very well suited for this. Little by little we grabbed more and more guests, so that the dance floor was quickly full.

play party songs

Once the dance floor is full, it should of course not be empty again immediately after the next song. For this reason, choosing the right songs is not entirely unimportant. For inspiration, we have selected 20 songs for you to rock the dance floor with your guests. You can listen to them using the playlist below.

In general, you should try to take into account the music tastes of all guests at the wedding reception. With the help of music request cards, you can actively involve your guests.

But also trust in the knowledge and skills of your DJ, provided of course that you have one for your wedding. Finding a wedding DJ is easy with these tips. It’s also worth taking a look at the wedding DJs from KRUU.

Music wish cards for the guests

In order to involve the guests at the wedding, it is a nice idea to lay out music wish cards. Guests can write down their favorite songs and give the card to the DJ.

Favorite songs encourage you to stay on the dance floor a little more than if your taste in music doesn’t suit you at all. However, music wish cards often only really make sense for a DJ. This has a much broader spectrum and can therefore fulfill one or the other music request.

If you have booked a band for the wedding day, this is more difficult to implement as they can only play songs that they know themselves.

The bride and groom should dance

We already told you in the first tip that the bridal couple should involve the guests. Of course, if you really want your dance floor to be full, as a newlywed couple you have to dance yourself. Since most of the guests want to be close to the bridal couple in many cases, more and more guests will go to the dance floor.

A dance floor often empties as soon as the bridal couple is no longer dancing. If your feet hurt as a bride and also the other guests with high heels, don’t hesitate to take them off! You can dance just as well without shoes.

If you want to keep the location a bit tidy, a high heel garage is a good idea. But of course there is also something for tired dancing feet.

Consciously use dance breaks

Even if not all guests move on the dance floor after all your efforts, you should first and foremost enjoy your wedding. Don’t be angry or offended, your guests will notice.

If at a certain point the dance floor is empty, that’s a good time to use the dance break for something else. How about a wedding game? This way the dance floor would be in focus again and your DJ could ask your guests not to leave the floor after the game, but to dance with the bridal couple again.

Keep in mind that a dance floor with a small number of guests will not look overly crowded. If you have many different accommodation options for the guests or many different tasks, everything will be distributed automatically. But that won’t detract from the whole thing and your wedding is still wonderful!


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5 tips to get the guests on the dance floor - 5 tips to get guests onto the dance floor

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