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Setting up the living room is not that easy. We spend a lot of time here during the day and it should be both cozy and also serve for working and eating. In my living room guide, I’ll tell you my 7 tips against the most common mistakes when furnishing a living room.

I’ve already made these mistakes myself, or observed them with friends and family. Perhaps in one case or another you will recognize yourself.

# 1 The couch is too big or too small

Problem: The living room is to be furnished, the couch is set up and lo and behold: it is much too big and takes up the space. Oh dear, you misjudged the proportions and the room layout! True to the motto: That will be fine! Unfortunately, returns for the wrong furniture are often time-consuming and expensive.

Solution: Measure out the floor plan beforehand and write down the dimensions. Think about how much space you have and how much of it you want the couch to take up. It is better to choose a smaller couch so that there is still enough space to move freely.

# 2 colors don’t go together

Problem: Have you bought a couch in the trendy color “petrol blue” and have no idea how to combine cushions and the like with it?

Solution: Think in advance in which color scheme you would like to furnish your living room. A mood board will help you as a collage to collect moods and ideas. Large furniture should be kept in neutral colors. Cushions and blankets can also be a splash of color, as they are easier to replace.

# 3 Fast, fast: the apartment should be furnished immediately!

Problem: You buy everything at once – straight off the shelf in the same furniture store. Unfortunately you can see that in the facility.

Solution: Take your time setting up, because you want to feel comfortable at home! Would you like more individuality? Finding your own taste and furnishing style is a process that is welcome to develop further. Just like your own personality or your current life situation. As a student on a tight budget, you also set other priorities for your apartment than you did after your first job.

7 reasons why you are dissatisfied with this ›triangle - 7 reasons why you are dissatisfied with this ›triangle

# 4 Dining table too small or too big

Problem: The beautiful, new dining table turns out to be much too small in retrospect. Do you often get visits from friends and families and are squeezed together?

Solution: Think about how much space the room will provide and how many seats you will most often need the dining table for. Can’t you make up your mind Then use a combination solution, e.g. a small dining table for 2 people in the kitchen and an extendable table with a large dining area for visitors in the living room.

# 5 Living room is uncomfortable or too crowded

Problem: You don’t feel comfortable in your living room because it is too uncomfortable for you? Something is missing! Or is there too much standing around and you are bothered by cables and odds and ends?

Solution: For more cosiness, you can furnish your living room with textiles. A fluffy rug under the sofa and a soft wool blanket make it much cozier. Then you have more desire to stay in it.

To keep things tidy, stow away bits and pieces in nice baskets and boxes. Then it doesn’t seem so restless and much tidier. Make sure that things you often need have a permanent place, so that keeping things in order is much easier.

# 6 Trends and impulse purchases: Everyone has that on Instagram!

Problem: Have you let yourself be carried away by the latest Instagram trend? Bought the velvet pouf, but you don’t like pink at all?

Solution: You better think a second time about whether the current trend piece is really your thing and would fit well into your apartment. Put the article in your wish list. If you still think about it after a week and you can’t live without it – let’s go. If not, stay away from it and save the money.

# 7 Overloaded or underdone

Problem: You like to buy a lot of decorations, but you don’t know how and where to put them up? Do you feel overwhelmed and overcrowded?

Solution: The right balance for a harmonious overall picture is based on some composition rules. Once you have understood the principle, you can easily implement it again and again, e.g. for your coffee table, your TV sideboard, a shelf or a chest of drawers. I want to help you with that!

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Finally learn to furnish and decorate beautifully with my living room online course “just feel good”

Are you really motivated, this year finally with your Living room makeover to start? Don’t worry, you are not alone with this! I will accompany you on your way and tell you mine Living room online course just feel LIVING EVERYTHING you need to plan and implement your living room furniture. All my knowledge and tips for a beautiful home in Scandi Boho style!

Does one or the other sound familiar to you?

  • Would you like to change something in your apartment, but you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you enthusiastically click through great apartment photos on Instagram, but are totally dissatisfied with your home?
  • You buy great furniture and decorations at IKEA, but you are disappointed at home because it somehow doesn’t look that good?
  • The product range of online shops overwhelms you and you spend hours researching?
  • Do you like to rummage around for furnishing ideas, but you lack a concept and the imagination of what it might look like in your apartment?
  • You have already gathered and researched a lot of information, but still feel somehow lost?

Don’t waste any more time trying to find everything together!

Let me guide you with my online home furnishing course simply feel at home by the hand – in 9 modules and 2 bonus guides, in which you learn EVERYTHING you need to plan and implement your living room interior:

>>> Learn more!

1632438956 194 7 reasons why you are dissatisfied with this ›triangle - 7 reasons why you are dissatisfied with this ›triangle

What you get in the online course:

  • Lifelong access to all course content with 9 modules
  • Worksheets, checklists and memos
  • Selection guides, product tips and Budget plan for furniture, textiles, lighting and decoration
  • BONUS 1: Savings guide with tips for decorating and furnishing
  • BONUS 2: Scandi-Guide with the most important brands at a glance

Benefit from the exchange in the community: In the Facebook group (which is only for participants) you can ask me anything and I can really take time for you! You are not alone on your way, but will be accompanied by me: Get help and exchange ideas with other participants and with me!

How is the process?

Everything without stress and at your own pace: If you have booked the course, you will have direct access to module 1 with all tasks. All other modules will be activated for you week after week. You don’t have to stick to a schedule and you can work on the online course at your own pace.

The online course is divided into a planning phase and a setup phase. Here you can see an overview of the 9 modules again:

My living room online course simply feel at home ›triangle - 7 reasons why you are dissatisfied with this ›triangle

Limited offer: Get the online course at the introductory price now

The doors shut simply feel at home CLOSE again on January 27th. Get the now one-time introductory price, because the online course will be more expensive next time – you can’t miss it!

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I am happy if you feel like being there and want to bring a breath of fresh air into your living room!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comment under the post or write to me on Instagram at @dreieckchen!

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