7 winter activities to sweeten the weekend

1) Winter activities: puzzles

Either you love it or you get a screaming fit after three minutes at the latest.

Putting the many small parts together and figuring out which part goes with which is very small work. It takes a lot patience and must focus. This leisure activity is clearly one of those that make you throw back on yourself.

If you really enjoy it, you can completely immerse yourself in this task, live completely in this one moment and do not even notice how quickly the time has passed. And you have already survived another cold day in the warm with a hot cup of tea and the puzzle.

If you want the whole thing with a little more contact with people, you can too Friends to a puzzle invite. Just write an email or pick up the phone!

2) Make your own winter decorations

Is one craftsmanship and design Somewhat talented, one of our tips is to design your own winter decorations. You can pull out beads, hot glue, branches, pine cones, ribbons and whatever else there is and let the inner designer run wild.

How about, for example, a self-made Christmas wreath or the design of a candle? But you can also bring a bit of wintery scent into the apartment by sticking cloves in oranges and using this construct as a kind of scented candle (like a scented candle, only different). There are no limits for your creativity!

Unusual handicraft accessories can be found, for example, in the handicraft corner Ing Andreas Rajecky, in Sandra’s decoration corner or in the Kreativ Lädele.

7 winter activities to sweeten the weekend - 7 winter activities to sweeten the weekend
How about letting your creativity run free while doing winter handicrafts? Image © HEROLD; Source: Christian Jung

3) Winter activities: walk & wellness

Who doesn’t love the bathtub? And especially after long walks during the cold season, it is good to take an extended bubble bath afterwards. So: the map in hand, the one on the hiking trail enjoy the nature and then continue to the wellness program.

If the weather is rainy, you can of course skip the walk and go straight to wellness. If, on the other hand, there is snow, you can also get one Snowman build – just like in the past. Then you forget that you wanted the warm summer back at the beginning of the day.

With candles, a care mask for face and hair and a fragrant bubble bath, the wellness day will be twice as beautiful. The cold toes are warmed up again in the hot bath water and sometimes you even have to be careful not to fall asleep in the bathtub. Pure relaxation – and you did a little sport after the walk.

4) Yoga & Fitness

Speaking of which Sports. You can do this too At home do. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can opt for yoga, strength training or other fitness exercises.

If you are new to the field, you can either ask friends or family to join in and guide you, or you can go to YouTube videos. There are plenty Tutorialsthat describe the individual exercises well and are sometimes even explicitly aimed at beginners.
If you prefer professional guidance on site, you can also go to the fitness center or yoga studio.

If you prefer to go outside for sport and have a frozen lake nearby, you can also go ice skating.

1638442425 59 7 winter activities to sweeten the weekend - 7 winter activities to sweeten the weekend
Whether strength training or yoga – you can do that at home too. Image © HEROLD; Source: Gorodenkoff

5) Winter activities: opera, theater, cinema

For those interested in culture, the opera, the theater or the cinema are always a good choice. It’s not just here warmso that one can escape the cold of winter, one too will kidnapped into another world. The opera singer who talks about her old homeland with her sonorous voice, the actor who gossips as Mephisto Faust or the action hero who saves half the world: there is something for every taste.

And since such visits are funnier for two, this is a good opportunity to come with friends get in touch and get one evening together to spend.

If something unexpected happens, you can simply move the film evening home.

6) Performances in the Spanish Riding School

Watching a morning training session or a demonstration at the Spanish Riding School is of course a certain thing at first glance Interest in animals and this sport in advance. But even those who have not had so much contact with horses up to now can be surprised.

The riders show impressive jumps, Formations and capers. To see this, however, a demonstration or a “Lipizzaner Special” is more suitable than the morning training.

1638442425 131 7 winter activities to sweeten the weekend - 7 winter activities to sweeten the weekend
You can admire daring jumps in the Spanish Riding School. Image © HEROLD; Source: Wirestock

7) Winter activities: swimming pool / thermal bath

Summer is a long time coming and you’ve had enough of frozen toes? Then into a thermal bath! Or in the sauna. Or, best of all, both.

Whether alone, with friends or with your partner, in large swimming pools everyone will find something for themselves. The slide, the sauna, the heated outdoor pool (really a dream in winter), the salt water pool or the normal swimming area – the choice is large.

So you can visit the swimming pool to either one sporting event, one Recreational Tour or one Family adventure do.

Such baths are, for example, the Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf, the Vöslauer thermal baths or the THERME LAA. Otherwise we have put together 10 great thermal baths in Austria for you in an additional article.

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