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A flower subscription as a gift: This is the solution to your problems! The next anniversary, mother’s day or birthday can come with this gift idea. If you are not yet familiar with our flower subscription, here are a few good reasons for this gift.

A flower subscription as a gift Bloomy Blog - A flower subscription as a gift -

1. You determine the duration!

Exactly. You have the choice between five different models. Depending on how generous your gift should be, you can choose between a 1-, 3- or 6-month subscription. So you don’t need to be afraid of falling into a subscription trap, as you used to see on TV. We remind you of the “Crazy Frog” and the “dancing Jamba! – Hippopotamus”. If it is a hot flirt that could become more, the “Flex-Abo” is perfect for your intentions. With this option you have the free choice when you want to cancel your subscription. The other subscription models end after the selected term.

2. Two, three or four? That is the question here!

With us you have the choice between three different delivery rhythms. Either our flowery arrangement arrives every, every two or four weeks. Now the only question left is: Monday, Wednesday or Saturday?

3. What do you actually like?

Now we have already clarified the hard facts. But what are we actually sending home to the recipient? Every week we put together a new arrangement of seasonal flowers. We call this arrangement “Flowers of the Week”. In spring there is a fabulous combination of ranunculus, gerbera or blueberry branches, and in summer sunflowers, lilies or celosia can be found in the arrangement. The flowers arrive at the recipient’s place still closed and need a little love to be able to fully bloom. For all of our subscriptions, we recommend a vase with a narrow neck. This is how the flowers come into their own. By the way: every week we upload the current flowers of the week to our social media channels Facebook and Instagram!

Why is the flower subscription the perfect gift? You can make your loved ones happier for longer with this gift. Every week you can show them how important they are to you. And who doesn’t want flowery arrangements in their home? Of course, the flower subscription is also perfect for giving yourself a present. Because don’t we all deserve flowers?

Last but not least, all the points at a glance:

  • Because you can look forward to exotic and seasonal cut flowers on a regular basis.
  • Because a flower subscription with a long term is simply a sustainable gift – ideal for any occasion.
  • Because the Bloomy subscription is easy to manage. Can be paused without problems.
  • Because Bloomy customers are good people who want to beautify the world.

Could we convince you? Then order your flower subscription now and make either you or your favorite person happy for a long time. If you don’t want to commit to someone yet, you can of course first give away a single arrangement.

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