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All new parents probably know how difficult it is to find the right textiles for the baby. Blankets and clothing should be cuddly soft, nothing synthetic. The fabrics should be breathable, the baby shouldn’t sweat and the design should of course also be right. High demands that the label aden + anais meet with one cuddle. The American company offers a lot of comfort with a large portion of style with its muslin-designed swaddles and accessories. “I honestly have to admit that I didn’t know aden + anais. But my environment does. A friend from Indonesia enthusiastically agreed when I told her about it. The products are great, especially the quality of the fabrics is unbeatable and the swaddle: super practical and comfortable on the skin, ”enthuses Franziska.


Almost out of necessity, the Australian mother Raegan Moya-Jones founded adan + anais in 2006. When she moved to the USA with her husband and was expecting her first child, she missed the cotton muslin swaddling clothes typical of her homeland, which have a long tradition in Australia. In the USA she could only find synthetic, much too warm fabrics and unfashionable variants. She was looking for scarves and patterns that gave her children a sense of wellbeing and security, but as a mother you didn’t have to do without anything in terms of style – aden + anais was born!

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Her four daughters have meanwhile grown out of their puck age, but of course Reagan continues to work with her renowned team on stylish and functional solutions for everyday family life. In addition to swaddling clothes, the Aden Anais range also includes sleeping bags, blankets, towels and bibs. Parents all over the world can enjoy the label, which is sold in 63 countries. What is understood in each language? A mother’s love for her children and the desire to offer them only the best.

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