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The ornamental lily ensures true shine in the bouquet. Find out more information about this lily species here.

Botanical name: Agapanthus

Genus: Ornamental lilies

Plant family: African lily family (bot. Agapanthoideae)

Occurrence: South Africa

The African Lily (bot. Agapanthus) has come a long way because it originally comes from South Africa. She found her way to Europe via the Netherlands. There is evidence that this plant existed in a German garden as early as 1699. There are now around 540 varieties of the African Lily worldwide. Their variety is great – pure dwarf varieties with 10 to 20 centimeters of leaf height or giants with inflorescence heights of up to two meters. Their color palette ranges from blue to purple to white with numerous nuances.

Care tips for African lily

Cut the African Lily at an angle and place it in cold water. The stems should be shortened again with every water change, which should be done about every two to three days. You can simply pluck off individual flowers that have faded, then the entire flower looks fresh for longer. A sunny or partially shaded place is ideal for the African Lily.

African Lily Flower tips and more - African Lily - | Flower tips and more

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