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Allium belongs to the leek family and is a real eye-catcher. At first glance, the onion plant is reminiscent of a very large chive blossom, which is not so wrong. Find out more information about this impressive plant here.

Botanical name: Allium

Genus: leek

Plant family: Leek family (bot. Tribus Allieae)

Occurrence: Middle and Orient

The leek (bot. Allium) is the only genus of plants in the leek family (bot. Tribus Allieae), which belong to the subfamily of the Amaryllis family. Some species are known edible and aromatic plants, other species are used as ornamental plants. Lush, dense spherical flowers and the characteristic leek smell characterize this little plant. This smell can be traced back to various essential oils that are released when the plant is cut. The genus Allium comprises around 650 species and, with a few exceptions, is distributed over the entire northern hemisphere. We find the leek in the most diverse locations in nature. On wet, boggy meadows, on sunny hills and rocky slopes, in the shrubbery of the dwarf juniper, in rocky and forest steppes, in moist, nutrient-rich forests, in sand and gravel soils and in the vineyards. The leek plants are also an excellent family for a wide variety of areas in the garden.

Care tips for Allium

A straight cut is sufficient for the allium. Change the water every other day, otherwise it will smell a bit onion. The stems should be shortened again with each water change.

Allium ornamental onion Bloomy Blog - Allium (ornamental onion) -

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Depending on seasonal availability, we create great combinations with ornamental onions for you in our Flowers of the Week. This gives your home a very special touch. In the larger version, the ball-like flowers of the leek have a diameter of 15 centimeters. In nature, the plants can reach heights of up to 1.50 meters and are shown to their best advantage in a floor vase as long-stemmed flowers. But even in the mini form, Allium is a real eye-catcher as a special highlight in the flower bouquet – see for yourself! In our overview of the Flowers of the week you can also find past combinations with ornamental onions.

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