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For many ladies, make-up is a real art and not all are alert enough to experiment with it. Above a certain age in particular, women often find it more difficult to apply the right eyeshadow, foundation or lipstick. As a result, they often wear makeup that doesn’t match their skin or eye color. If you do not want to consult a specialist, then we come to the rescue. We have collected the main points and advice on how to apply green eye makeup over 50 to emphasize the beauty of the eyes.

Julianne Moore shows that green-eyed ladies don’t need to wear a lot of makeup

An eye catcher at any age.webp - An eye-catcher at any age!

Which eyeshadow makes green eyes shine?

According to research, only 2 percent of the world’s population has green eyes. If you belong to this group yourself, you are a real lucky guy! Depending on whether you have a gray or brown component or a more reddish tinge, the make-up and the eyeshadow nuances can also vary slightly. The eyeshadow is the best means of decorating your eyes. Eye shadows come in different shades – from Blue above Pink up to green. With peach pinksoft orange, beige, Brown or copper and gold, for example, you can never go wrong. Eye shadows in shades of purple, which have a higher red content, are a perfect match for green eyes.

Cream eye shadows in nude shades or gold are perfect for the ladies with green eyes!

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Cold nuances like Silver or Gray make green eyes fade and are therefore not very suitable here.

How do I put makeup on my green eyes at 50?

From a certain age (say between 45 and 50), adequate skin care, including around the eyes, plays a more important role than the make-up itself makes us appear less youthful than when we were young. If you bring a silver beauty with green eyes, you already know that it is difficult to find makeup tones from 40 or 50 that will emphasize green eyes and emphasize the uniqueness of your eyes.

Emphasize your beautiful green eyes with black or brown eyeliner

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#Care for the skin around the eyes

For this reason, you should choose the right skin care, anti-aging cream and moisturizer for the face and cream or serum for the eye area (against wrinkles and dark circles), hyperpigmentation and apply it regularly. Year-round sun protection is also mandatory. Only then do you choose your make-up products.

#Choose the right shades and colors

As noted above, women with green eyes should choose warmer shades of eyeshadow. Earth tones such as dark brown, taupe or sand gold are unobtrusive but not invisible. They give the green eyes a magical shine and underline the colour. For the ladies who don’t want to “catch their eyes” so much, make-up stylists recommend pastel tones. They are discreet but not invisible and let the eyes shine in a subtle way.

Green eyes make-up from 50: violet and purple nuances are best!

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Start with a beige or taupe foundation when doing green eye makeup. Then use a darker shade like bronze or green in the crease to add depth. Put a lighter shade like purple or blue in the center of the lid for a pop of color.

Brown eyeshadows also spice up the beautiful eye color

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#Eyeliner in what color?

Another great way to accentuate and define your green eyes is with eyeliner. Instead of black eyeliner, use brown or bronze eyeliner for eyes with green undertones. The eyeliner should be applied to the upper lash line. If you want to visually enlarge your eyes, you can line the lower waterline with white or nude eyeliner.

As for the color of the eyeliner, you can, of course, choose the classic varieties of black and brown (like espresso brown). A good alternative for those who want to try something different are colored eye pencils in colors like aubergine, purple, blue, gold or pastels. Avoid the silver, gray or white eyeliners and pencils.

Always wear makeup with confidence and in a good mood

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How do I make up green eyes with drooping lids?

It can be difficult to apply eye makeup in a way that accentuates your natural features without drawing attention to your droopy lids, if you have them. Start by applying a matte eyeshadow. They can give the appearance of a lifted eyelid and are usually more forgiving of aged eyelids. Wear a neutral eyeshadow, e.g. B. taupe or beige, on the entire lid. Then dab the crease of the lid with a darker color. This gives your eyes more depth and dimension. To avoid strong lines, blend the darker shade well.

With the right technique, you can quickly put on green eyes from the age of 50 with droopy eyelids

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It is better to use a smudge-proof eyeliner to avoid smudging the product, which will accentuate drooping eyelids even more. Apply the eyeliner straight down the lash line instead of sweeping or sweeping it as this could add to the sagging.

When your lashes are curled, your eyes appear more awake and open. Use a mascara that lengthens the lashes and gives them volume without clumping.

Red or pink lipsticks are always suitable for green-eyed women!

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Green eyes make-up from 50: Which mascara for green eyes?

There are many formulas for mascara. Look for a mascara that is hypoallergenic if you have sensitive eyes. Use a volumizing mascara to add volume to your lashes. Opt for a lengthening mascara if you want a more natural look. As for the color of the mascara, you can of course wear black.

But if you want to try something different, go for brown, blue, or purple mascara. Mascaras in these colors are particularly flattering on green-eyed women.

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