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Our Christmas series continues, here we present you with many great DIY ideas that are particularly suitable for the Christmas season. This time we have thought of these special Christmas pendants for you.

Those who don’t always like to use the classic Christmas balls to decorate will be very happy about these stylish Christmas pendants. The holidays are going to be wild – with these animal tree decorations for your own four walls. You can easily make this creative and unique Advent decoration. In this blog post we will tell you how to do it!

Before you start, we have another tip for you: Before you start tinkering, it’s best to find everything you need together. Then there is more time to experiment and decorating is more fun.

Animal Christmas Pendants Bloomy Blog - Animal Christmas Pendants -

You need the following material for the Christmas pendants:

  • small animal figures and fir trees (you can get them in a toy shop, for example)
  • white, waterproof spray paint
  • thin craft wire and scissors
  • Amaryllis and Christmas branches

1635782592 378 Animal Christmas Pendants Bloomy Blog - Animal Christmas Pendants -

That’s how it works:

  1. The animal figures and the fir trees are first sprayed with the white paint. The trees just a little so that it looks like they are lightly covered in snow.
  2. The amaryllis stems and twigs can be arranged in the vase while it is drying.
  3. When the figures are dry, they are attached to the branches with wire.

1635782592 762 Animal Christmas Pendants Bloomy Blog - Animal Christmas Pendants -

The nice thing about this Advent decoration is that you can hang it up anywhere in your home. Be it on your bouquet of flowers as a stylish centerpiece or on your Christmas tree – these animal Christmas pendants are always a special eye-catcher. The pendants are also very suitable as gifts for friends and family, be it for Santa Claus or as a little surprise in the advent calendar, everyone is sure to be happy about this lovely DIY idea! Here you can watch the whole thing again on our YouTube channel.

We wish you and your family a lot of fun with your animal Advent decorations and a wonderful Advent season!

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