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Playful shapes and wonderful structures: Our BLOOMS of the week “Australian Spring Night” combine freshness and lightness this week. These two unique spring flowers bring spring into your home or office!

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This time our BLOOMEN of the week consist of two visually very different but very playful specialties: The ‘Anigozanthos Bush Diamond’ is from Australia and is colloquial too Kangaroo paw called. In fact, the exotic flowers with their soft, woolly hairy flowers in light white with light pink nuances resemble the shape of a paw of the sympathetic national animal .. The anigozanthos plant is a real pleasure both visually and in terms of care! Because the sometimes barren weather conditions down under make the kangaroo paw a persistent and easy-care specialty.

The ‘Delphinium Peace of Nations’ is a wonderfully luminous contrast to the more discreet kangaroo paw. Colloquially too delphinium called, this magnificent shrub is one of the most popular eye-catchers in German gardens. Their playful beauty is characterized by the intense gentian blue of the flowers, which adorns the loosely branched inflorescences of the flower. Their brilliance is not only evident in the intense color, because after the first flowers have been cut back, a second flower pile is often created.

The blue color of the flower stands for protection and truthfulness. In addition, the delphinium symbolizes a close bond in love, fun and lightness – the perfect component to ring in spring.

Although the delphinium usually appears from June to July, we already have this great beauty especially for you in our BLOOMS of the week!

Our vase recommendation for “Australian Spring Night

For this bouquet we recommend a table vase with a wide opening so that the individual flowers come into their own.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Australian Spring Night”!

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