B2B flowers for corporate customers and business customers

Fresh flowers for corporate customers

why Flowers for corporate customers have great importance. Are your office or business premises too bare? Then create a pleasant atmosphere with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Her Business premises are your calling card and an inviting flower arrangement in the reception area and in business or practice rooms creates an ambience. A fresh flower decoration looks like a small oasis in office and business premises. With flowers you bring a piece of nature into your office and business premises. They improve the indoor climate, convey freshness and show business customers and visitors that their wellbeing is important.

Flowers for advertising

You can target flowers as Communication tool insert. They are ideal as a sympathetic and advertising medium. Awaken flowers Emotions and you have them in your house colors (corporate design) for the customer Memorable. They bring joy, they convey Appreciation and are the ideal medium to maintain the company’s image.

With flowers you can deepen the business relationship with your customers. More and more companies trust in the sympathetic effect of flowers and therefore put Flowers for advertising a. And what the Long-term effect Regardless, even after a year, over 80 percent of the recipients still know who gave them flowers.

B2B flowers for corporate customers and business customers - B2B flowers for corporate customers and business customers

Occasions for flowers for corporate customers can be:

  • To the Customer loyalty (e.g. for key accounts)
  • For Promotion Marketing (e.g. for new product launches)
  • as Thanks very much (e.g. for corporate or business customers)

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You can get matching flowers for business customers in our online shop. From a single rose to a bouquet in your company colors.

Flowers for employees and former employees

Small gifts in the form of Flowers for employees, for example for a birthday, a company anniversary or a farewell, are a great pleasure. Your employees feel valued by floral gifts.

Who is the flower company service for?

Since no other means of communication generates more attention and sympathy than flowers, this is the Flowers company service simply interesting for everyone. Men and women, young and old, customers, business partners and employees, whoever you want to address with a flower greeting or flower decoration in your business premises, everyone is happy about fresh flowers and the associated gesture.

Flowers look authentic and natural and they are never perceived as intrusive or promotional.

For the entrance area, the reception counter, the hall, the stage, the blackboard, the desk, a trade fair, an event, … for companies, offices, law firms, medical practices, hotels, restaurants or retail, you can create an ambience with flowers for corporate customers .

Use for that Company service request please use our contact form or give us a call: 0531/34 95 903.

Our tip: Save time and money with a flower subscription

With a Flower subscription you will always get fresh flowers that match your ambience conveniently and easily for corporate customers periodically delivered. You don’t have to worry about the flower decorations again and again and thus save time and money.

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