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Would you rather give flowers? You may be wondering why Then imagine the following:

It is the moment when the gift is handed over, the eyes fixed expectantly on the parcel. The recipient tries to guess what it might be by looking at the shape. Some even shake the gift for a clue of what he or she might get this year. He or she eagerly tears off the paper, layer by layer – and then the time has finally come. Do you like it or don’t like it? When the giver and recipient meet, the matter is clear – that was probably nothing. The disappointment is written on the face of the recipient. Mitigating phrases such as “Oh, I didn’t expect that” or “I didn’t want that, but I’m still happy” can no longer save the situation.

To avoid such situations, we can only give you one tip: Better give flowers

Typical Christmas presents are boring.

The most popular Christmas gifts include vouchers, cosmetics, books, perfumes, clothing, sports and electronic equipment. One or the other would definitely be happy about a pair of socks or a new book, but these “standard gifts” are quickly regarded as uncreative or show that there was not enough time to choose a gift. Other gifts such as B. Sports equipment is often perceived as a criticism of the athletic condition and cosmetics could also be a wink with the fence post regarding poor personal hygiene. You can’t imagine how many faux pas you can step into at Christmas.

Therefore we present you the ideal gift:

Flower …

… don’t scratch.

… always fit.

… do not have to be exchanged.

… do not indicate errors.

Better give flowers Bloomy Blog - Better give flowers!  -

Did you know that most people simply give away unwanted gifts? Sure, that’s better than just letting the stuff disappear in the closet or basement. However, it is also kind of sad that many Christmas gifts are simply so badly received that you have to think about how to get rid of the shit while unpacking.

We especially want to recommend our flower subscription to you. If you give this away, the recipient will not only enjoy Christmas, but also for several weeks or even months afterwards: the flower subscription is a Christmas present that lasts longer.

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Christmas miracle
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Mint tea
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Crazy Christmas

Better give flowers

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