Blooming Lily


With their long stems and magnificent flower heads, lilies are ideal for the floor vase. Blooming Lily combines oriental lilies with white lilies and branched corkscrew willow. A very noble bouquet that sets a stylish accent in every apartment.

You will receive this combination from us by 04/10/2017. Order your flower subscription here or change your subscription By Thursday, April 6th, 2017, choose April 10th, 2017 as the delivery date at the latest and look forward to your BLOOMS of the week!

The star of the ‘Blooming Lily’ bouquet is of course the lilies. This week we are sending you both oriental lilies and white lilies. Oriental lilies envelop your home in a floral scent and inspire with their particularly large flowers. The lily is one of the most popular cut flowers because it looks splendid in combination with all kinds of flowers. You should cut lilies diagonally after their arrival and place them in plenty of fresh, cold water. Once the flowers have opened, do not move the lilies too much as they can lose their pollen. Further information and care tips for lilies can be found here.

We’ll send you corkscrew willow as an accessory for the two types of lily. These branched branches are particularly stylish and are also suitable as soloists for the vase. So when the lilies in this bouquet have faded, you can arrange the corkscrew willow in a tall vase and decorate it with pretty Easter eggs. If you would like more information and tips about corkscrew willow, then stop by here.

Our vase recommendation for “Blooming Lily”

For this long-stemmed bouquet, we recommend a long and slightly wider floor vase. A wide opening is especially important as the corkscrew willow takes up a lot of space. As a tip, we recommend that you decorate the corkscrew willow pretty for Easter and use it as a table decoration.

We wish you a lot of joy with the bouquet “Blooming Lily” and a pleasant, sunny week.

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