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A deep blue cooling in these hot temperatures: The BLOOMS of the week “Blue Alpes” are a dreamy combination of African lily and blue gentian.

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The blue Agapanthus is usually referred to as the African Lily and is native to South Africa. So far, the exotic flower is available in over 1,100 different varieties, from dwarf agapanthus, which reach a height of around 20 cm, to huge perennial plants that shoot up over two meters and create a particularly striking effect in gardens. So it’s not surprising that the African Lily has blossomed into one of the most popular flowers around the world over generations!

The eye-catching flower balls glow in a beautiful blue-violet tone from afar. Its star-shaped arrangement, which makes each of the delicate blue flowers appear to explode from the center of the ball, is particularly decorative.

This week there is a very special flower in a perfect color harmony with the African Lily:

The blue one gentian. Mainly at home in mountainous landscapes such as the Alps, the robust flower is under strict nature protection and may therefore neither be picked nor dug up. Only very few of the 300-400 species are therefore traded as ornamental plants. In addition to its use as a medicinal plant, a special delicacy can be made from the roots of the gentian: gentian schnapps! Species protection is also noticeable in the extraction of this rarity: Roots may only be searched for every seven years by so-called root graves, who have held ancient burning and burial rights for centuries. This is to ensure that the gentian population remains constant.

The plant, which is known to us as the most famous alpine flower, comes in yellow, purple, white and red in addition to the widespread blue color. Its brightly colored flowers are in the form of small bells, which, depending on their color, bloom into August.

Our vase recommendation for “Blue Alpes”

For this bouquet we recommend a high table vase so that the bouquet comes into its own.

We wish you a great week and lots of fun with “Blue Alpes”!

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