Look beautiful in your table vase – BREATHTAKING BEAUTY: Ranunculus and a bunch of pistachio for your table vase

Do you also think that buttercups, our BLOOMS of the week, have what it takes to become an absolute vase star? With their magical flower dress and their fluffed petticoats, as if made of shiny silk, they bring spring freshness into every room in which they are allowed to linger, drive away the winter frenzy and there is hardly anyone who can resist their charm.

Meaning of ranunculus

They belong to the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae), which the buttercups owe to their bird-foot-like leaves and, with their romantic double flowers that are reminiscent of silk roses, are among the most beautiful spring flowers. Because with ranunculus the longing for colors can be satisfied.

Meaning of pistachio

The magical spring flowers are accompanied by the pistachio. Did you know that the pistachio is one of the oldest flowering cultivated plants? Pistachios are one of the oldest flowering crops. It has been proven that pistachios have been specifically cultivated since ancient times at the latest. Pistachios spread from the Middle East to the Mediterranean and quickly became a prized delicacy among kings, travelers and common people alike. The pistachio was also used as a coloring agent and remedy for ailments such as toothache and cirrhosis of the liver.

When we see our BLOOM OF THE WEEK, only one thought comes to mind: “HELLO SPRING!”

Ranunculus “BREATHTAKING BEAUTY” cut flower care

The ranunculus is a very delicate flower. But don’t worry – it was tested in the shipping department and there shouldn’t be any problems. You can enjoy buttercups and pistachios for a long time if you cut the ends of the stems again and place the pair of plants in a clean vase with fresh water. Do not fill the vase with too much water, because the hairy stems of the ranunculus do not tolerate it so well. The ranunculus likes to drink a lot. So you should fill up with new water every now and then so that she does not get thirsty. The flowers stay beautiful for a long time if they are not too warm and not in a draft.

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