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The new BLOOMEN of the week “Burning Desire” are a real phenomenon! Bright yellow sunflowers and fiery red roses harmonize perfectly with delicate goldenrod and light green rabbit ears.

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She is the epitome of summer: The Sunflower! With her bright yellow face she beautifies every bouquet. The magnificent yellow flower came to Europe from North and Central America as early as the 16th century. Your name may come from Greek mythology. The girl Clytia is said to have fallen in love with the sun god Apollo, who, however, did not reciprocate this love. Deeply injured, she sat down on a rock and watched her beloved as he steered his sun chariot across the sky. After nine days the girl turned into a flower, the blossom of which from then on turned towards Apollo on his carriage.
The sunflower can, however, do a lot more than just look beautiful: its seeds, as well as the oil extracted from them, are used in culinary and pharmaceutical applications. This week the yellow flowers bring a little more summer into the house.

The second BLOOME in this bouquet is a particularly extraordinary type of rose. The “Fire Flash” with its red-yellow marbled flowers seems to be literally on fire and immediately catches the eye with its special color scheme. Often referred to as the “queen of flowers”, the genus rose comprises 100-250 different species. The play of colors of the Fire Flash harmonizes perfectly with the bright yellow of the sunflower.

the Goldenrod and the Bupleurum, also known as rabbit ears, complement this bouquet perfectly and with their delicate flowers form a strong contrast to the lush sunflowers and fiery roses. As an accessory, they bring the necessary lightness to the bouquet and ring in late summer.

Our vase recommendation for “Burning Desire”

For this bouquet we recommend a bulbous table vase with a narrow opening to give the flowers the necessary support.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Burning Desire”!

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