Buy Christmas trees | When is the right time?

Buying a Christmas tree: when is the right time?

In general, Christmas tree sales in Austria usually begin on December 8th. Because, if properly stored, cut trees will remain for at least around 20 days juicy green. Properly means that the Christmas tree should not be stored in heated rooms. If you can only store the tree in a heated room, you should delay buying it as long as possible. Because the sales locations naturally store their trees under the best possible conditions.

Buy Christmas trees When is the right time - Buy Christmas trees |  When is the right time?
When should you go to buy the Christmas tree? Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) Kzenon

When are Christmas trees cheapest?

The sale of Christmas trees mostly runs from December 8th to December 24th. Those who expect a discount when buying at the last minute have cut themselves, however. Most salespeople know full well that just before Christmas you will be ready to pay almost any price.

the cheapest Christmas trees you can usually get it directly at the beginning of the Christmas tree sales. On the first weekend in Advent, dreamy trees are often even offered for less than € 10. In addition, the selection is definitely greatest shortly after the start of sales, even if some Christmas tree dealers deliberately hold back particularly beautiful trees a little longer.

If you want proper advice when buying, you should also buy the Christmas tree during the week. The dealers have more time to devote themselves to their customers.

Where should you buy the Christmas tree?

While in many federal states the trees are often felled themselves, there are around around in Vienna 300 stationson which Christmas trees are sold. On this map you can find all sales outlets for conventional Christmas trees in Vienna:

Environmentally conscious trend: buy living Christmas trees

Climate change is reviving an old trend: living Christmas trees. Instead of chopping down the Christmas trees and then burning them for district heating, living Christmas trees keep their roots and are placed in pots in the living room. After Christmas you can either plant your Christmas tree yourself in the garden or have the dealer replant it in the forest. The following companies offer the sale of living Christmas trees:

Greentree (Diameno GmbH)

at Greentree can you one living Christmas tree simply order online and pay with PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. As soon as you have decided on a size and the delivery time, the Christmas tree will be delivered straight to your home. After Christmas you can put the tree in your garden or have Greentree pick it up again. Greentree offers Nordmann firs and Fraser firs in sizes from 80 cm to 170 cm. Depending on the size and variety, the trees cost € 70 € 83, – or € 95, – including pot and soil. The latest possible delivery date for a living Christmas tree from Greentree is December 23rd.

Contact: Greentree, 1100 Vienna

Grünbaum (Emrik Hundal eU)

More sustainable Christmas also promises Green tree from Guntramsdorf. Günbaum also offers Nordmann firs as living Christmas trees in sizes between 80 cm and 200 cm. Here, too, the prices depend on the size and vary between € 59, – and € 109, – including pot, delivery and collection. You can also pay for the Christmas tree by PayPal, credit card or instant transfer. After Christmas, the fir trees are planted in a forest near Böheimkirchen (Mostviertel) or the southern Waldviertel. Alternatively, you can keep the tree at no extra cost.

Contact: Grünbaum, 2353 Guntramsdorf

1636644840 187 Buy Christmas trees When is the right time - Buy Christmas trees |  When is the right time?
Why not decorate a living Christmas tree? Unfortunately, despite the pot, not all living Christmas trees survive. Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) Nadtochiy

Buying a Christmas tree: Tips for conventional tree buying

If you want to have something from your Christmas tree for as long as possible, you should consider a few things when buying and storing it. Here are a few useful tips for the tree purchase:

Tip # 1: Swipe against the direction of the needle when buying

If you want to know if the tree is still reasonably fresh and healthy, you should Swipe against the direction of the needle before buying. If the fir (or spruce) does not lose any needles, the tree is still fresh and healthy.

Tip # 2: The loop at the top indicates the origin

If you want to know where the fir tree comes from, you have to go to it Pay attention to the loop at the top. From an ecological point of view, trees with a short transport route are preferable. But firs from the region are also recommended for reasons of freshness. Trees from Lower Austria can be recognized, for example, by a blue and yellow ribbon including a serial number.

Tip # 3: Store the Christmas tree in a cool place

Dry and warm air are the most damaging to a felled Christmas tree. If you want to enjoy your Christmas tree until the New Year, you should keep the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve Place on the balcony, terrace, in the garden shed or in the cellar. If this is not possible for any reason, the tree should be placed in a bucket with water.

Tip # 4: Cut the Christmas tree before setting it up

Before the Christmas tree is put up, it should Cut 2-3 centimeters deep will. This allows the Christmas tree to better absorb the water supplied. If possible, you should use a Christmas tree stand that can be filled with water.

Tip # 5: extend your life

In order to extend the “lifespan” of the tree, the room should not be heated up more than is absolutely necessary. It also helps to spray the Christmas tree with water from time to time.

You can find the best suppliers of Christmas tree decorations here:

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