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Buy winter tires Experience best time - Buy winter tires |  Experience & best time
Buy winter tires: You should definitely pay attention to these aspects! Photo: Frank Albrecht on Unsplash

And suddenly everything happens very quickly. At the moment we are still comfortably lying on the lake, suddenly school starts again. It’s getting cooler outside. The days are getting shorter. In short: winter is just around the corner. Now at the latest, drivers have to start thinking about theirs Winter tires do. How long will the previous winter tires last? Is the tread depth still big enough? Do I have to buy new winter tires? If so, where is the best place and when is the best time to go Buying winter tires? Questions upon questions and the HEROLD (as always) has the answers:

When do I need new winter tires?

Let’s start with the assumption that you already have Winter tires owns. Before the new winter season, however, you must make sure that the tires are still suitable for the winter conditions. Even better: you are throwing according to the motto “After the season is before the season” at the end of the last winter season a close look at your winter tires. What do you have to pay attention to? When do you need new winter tires?

Condition of the winter tires

Take a good look at the tires. Can you Damage, Cracks or the like irregularities recognize? Is the rubber possibly porous? If you take the opportunity, you can immediately see whether the tires are worn evenly. If not, something is probably wrong with the chassis of your car.

Winter tire tread depth

The legal Minimum tread depth for winter tires is 4 mm (respectively. 5 mm with so-called diagonal tires which are mainly used in classic cars). This profile depth must not be undercut at any time. So if you only have 4 mm left before the new season, you will definitely need new tires, as the previous winter tires will wear out even further over the course of the season. You can check the minimum tread depth with the wear indicator directly in the tread grooves. (marked with “TWI” on the tire edge)

Special tip: Must have winter tires with a tread depth of less than 4 mm not necessarily disposed of but can be called in summer Used summer tires will. The legal tread depth for summer tires in Austria is 1.6 mm. Of course, provided that the tires are otherwise still in good condition.

Age of winter tires

You can easily find out how old your tires are using the four-digit number DOT number Fix it on the side of the tire. It consists of the calendar week and the year of production. 4119 means the 41st week in 2019. How long a tire can be used is not regulated by law. Most experts have 6 years with the maximum useful life widespread. Some recommend already after 4 years switch. Of course, it depends a lot on how intensively the tires are used. The problem with old tires: rubber simply becomes hard over time and (regardless of the tread depth) can no longer generate as much grip.

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Every winter tire has its advantages in certain road conditions. Like here with slush. Photo: unsplash, (c) Brady Cook

What is important when it comes to new winter tires?

So are the tires too old, damaged, or too worn? Then you need new tires for the winter. But what do you have to do with Winter tire purchase respect, think highly of? How do you find the right winter tire?

First of all: the one right, best one Winter tires for everyone does not exist. Too many factors play a role for that. The choice of the suitable winter tires after your Driving behavior. On which routes and under which conditions do you mainly ride? Are you likely to drive more on snow or on wet and muddy roads? How many kilometers do you cover? What kind of car do you have? When you have clarified these points, the big, annual tire tests by the automobile clubs be very helpful. There you will quickly find out that every winter tire has its advantages. The tires are mainly tested in four areas:

  • Road surface condition: How does the tire behave on dry roads, in wet conditions, in mud, snow and ice?
  • Fuel consumption: How does winter tire affect fuel consumption?
  • noise: How much noise does the tire make?
  • wear and tear: How quickly does the tire wear out?

Based on these factors, you can take your time with the matching tires for your driving style. The time you put into the necessary research can actually be worth it. Because, the right winter tire expected to last longer and can even Save fuel.

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A good winter tire is suitable for driving on all roads. Photo: unsplash, (c) Francois Olwage

When is the best time to buy winter tires?

Most motorists only fall right in front of the Tire change that they need new tires. The dealers know that best. So let’s be careful: bargains will be hard to find. However, last-minute purchases have one advantage: you have them latest models and winter tire tests to disposal.

It is smarter, of course, on End of the winter season take a look at the tires. If new winter tires are due, you have enough time to cheap offers to find. Often the dealers have to make room for the summer tires anyway, which in turn gives greater opportunities cheap winter tires brings. In contrast to the last-minute version, you miss out on the latest developments and the tires lie around unused for a few months for the time being. at proper storage however, that is not a problem. According to ÖAMTC, unused tires can be stored for up to three years and are still like new.

If changing and storing tires is too troublesome for you, you can also switch to all-season tires. These also have their advantages, but of course also their disadvantages.

Winter tire tests 2021 – the test winners

The ÖAMTC its winter tire tests for 2021. Tires with the dimensions were tested 195/65 R15 as 225/50 R17.

Dunlop tires performed best in both dimensions. Of the Dunlop Winter Response 2 was the test winner with an overall grade of 2.2 in the 195/65 R15 dimension, while in the other dimension the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 was most likely to convince with an overall grade of 2.3. Especially the Driving characteristics on snow were at the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 with a Grade of 1.5 outstanding. This tire was also one of the front runners in terms of fuel consumption and was only used by Esa + Tecar Supergrip Pro trumps.

The best winter tires for 2021 in each dimension

The top 3 winter tires in size 195/65 R15:

  1. Dunlop Winter Response 2 (grade: 2.2)
  2. Goodyear Ultragrip 9+ (Grade: 2.2)
  3. Michelin Alpin 6 (grade: 2.3)

The top 3 winter tires in size 225/50 R17:

  1. Dunlop Winter Sport 5 (grade: 2.3)
  2. Michelin Alpin 6 (grade: 2.3)
  3. Goodyear Ultragrip Performance + (grade: 2.5)

Buy winter tires: the best suppliers

Let’s get to the basics: Where should I best buy my winter tires? On-line you can definitely save a few euros. There you have the complete selection and can do many Compare prices. But tires are something that is worth it if you have everything directly from the specialist dealer do. But where do you find the most popular tire dealers? We have countless user reviews on it HEROLD.at sifted through to be able to choose the best 4 tire dealers in Austria.

Rubber roundabout, 8280 Fürstenfeld

5 of 5 stars from 23 ratings

Good advice and a competent team await you at Rubber top in Fürstenfeld. At least that is what the reviews on HEROLD.at say about this company. Gummi Kreisel is fully committed to the tire trade. There you can get car tires and motorcycle tires as well as truck tires, forklift tires and tractor tires. Of course, matching rims for your tires are also available from Gummi Kreisel.

Rubber roundabout, 8280 Fürstenfeld

Maroltingergarage discount gas station, 1160 Vienna

4.8 of 5 stars from 74 ratings

Friendly and competent: this is how most users summarize their experiences in the Viennese Maroltingergasse together. The employees know what they are doing and are also extremely good at it customer friendly. When it comes to tires, you get the full range here: buy new tires, fit and change tires and store them if necessary. By the way, when you buy new winter tires you get two year guarantee on top.

Maroltingergarage Diskot gas station, 1160 Vienna

Reifen Wadel GesmbH & Co KG, 9020 Klagenfurt

4.9 of 5 stars from 61 ratings

One Tire workshop on Lake Wörthersee, at the beautiful Wörthersee. In Klagenfurt is Reifen Wadel already established for decades and popular. There are also regular guests among the reviews on HEROLD.at, some of whom have been relying on the services of Reifen Wadel for over 45 years. Your (new) winter tires are definitely in good hands here!

Reifen Wadel GesmbH & Co KG, 9020 Klagenfurt

Wanko R GesmbH & Co KG, 1030 Vienna

4.8 of 5 stars from 22 ratings

Back in the big city of Vienna, it’s back to the company Wanko a little more contemplative too. In the supposedly small workshop Quality and service are very important. Here you can also look back on a long history with loyal regular customers who have been coming back for decades. Here you can also have the summer tires that you don’t need stored.

Wanko R GesmbH & Co KG, 1030 Vienna

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Even on wet roads, you are safe on the road with the right winter tires. Photo: unsplash, (c) Tanner Boriack

Buy used winter tires

One can Winter tires of course, too to buy second hand. In times of willhaben.at, Shpock and Ebay, the selection of used tires for (supposedly) little money is huge. So tempting the offers are too dangerous, it can be to buy used winter tires. Basically, the same criteria apply when buying a used tire as with your own tires. However, you should check your age, condition and tread depth more closely. You should also take a closer look at the rims. There are certainly many good and cheap offers out there. The risk of getting a bad tire is still great. So be sure to keep your eyes open when buying a used one!

Who would rather on the safe side stays, that’s very clear to him We recommend a visit to the specialist dealer. the most popular tire dealer in your area you can find here:

The best rated tire dealers in the federal states:

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