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For us, the amaryllis is the number 1 Christmas flower. Although the exotic flower comes from South America, one of the most “un-Christmas” regions in the world, no other flower lets us get into the Christmas mood more than the beautiful, mostly red amaryllis.

The amaryllis is also called the knight’s star and is a subtropical bulb flower that shines in full bloom, especially at Christmas time.

Amaryllis (btw the plural of amaryllis) are particularly popular because of their large flowers. The plant develops around three to four of these per stem. This year you will find classic red, white and salmon-colored amaryllis in our Christmas arrangements. Some botanists have even managed to grow bi-colored amaryllis.

Basically there are amaryllises in pots and as cut flowers. With the right care, cut flowers can also last up to three weeks.

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Two-tone amaryllis

Care tips for amaryllis


Before you put the amaryllis in the vase, you should cut them 4 to 5 cm with a clean knife. You should also shorten the amaryllis by 1 cm each time you change the water.

duct tape

The amaryllis’ thick stem tends to split and curl up at its ends. To avoid this, the best thing to do is to wrap a strip of scotch tape or tape around the end of the handle.


With particularly long amaryllis, you can stick a wooden or bamboo stick into the stem. This gives the long flowers stability and prevents them from kinking.


Amarylli do not like water that is too cold or too warm. It is best to fill the vase half full with water at room temperature.


Amaryllises like it bright, but without direct sunlight. You should also not place the vase too close to a heater. The amaryllis feels most comfortable at a room temperature between 18 and 22 ° C.

Watch out

Just like lilies, amaryllis have pistils covered with pollen. Always be careful not to get the staining pollen on your hands or clothing. If any should get on clothing or other textiles, it is best to use tape to remove it.

Withered flowers

Usually not all buds open at the same time. If you regularly remove withered flowers, the other flowers have room to open.

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