Care tips for flowers for Mother’s Day –

Care tips for flowers on Mother’s Day
Mom is the best and not just once a year! This year we are dedicating two very special bouquets of flowers to the beautiful custom of thanking the most important person in our lives on Mother’s Day with a loving gesture: Best Mom and Thank You Mom!

“Thank you Mama”

Care tips for flowers for Mothers Day Bloomy Blog - Care tips for flowers for Mother's Day -

Red lilies in combination with eucalyptus – this is our “Thank you mom” bouquet! Red symbolizes love and after all, what could be nicer than giving our mothers back some of the love and attention with which they are always there for us? Our bouquet expresses what has been thought a thousand times but is often too seldom said ‘thank you’ and carries it into everyday life.

Cut the lilies and the eucalyptus diagonally with a sharp knife and place the stems in plenty of fresh, cold water. The stems of the lilies should be cut every two days. However, when the flowers are fully open, we recommend only topping up with water and not moving the flowers too much. If you move too much, the pollen will be lost on the petal, which can cloud the perfect picture a little. If the pollen does get onto your clothes, it is best to use tape and simply peel off the pollen.

“Best Mom” – care tips Flowers for Mother’s Day

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The “Best Mom” ​​bouquet is characterized by the enchanting Free Spirit roses, which symbolize warmth, happiness and hope. They come in a strong orange with hints of apricot and peach and impress with their wonderful scent, even after days in the vase. In combination with pink carnations, this Mother’s Day bouquet ensures sparkling eyes! In order to enjoy the beautiful flowers for a long time, cut the roses diagonally with a sharp knife. This makes it easier for them to absorb water and extends their shelf life. We have already carefully removed the thorns, so you don’t need to be afraid of contact. The cloves only need a fresh cut when they arrive. Then you can arrange them together with the Free Spirit roses in a vase of fresh water.

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