Celebrate a wedding inexpensively – despite many guests

Are you planning a wedding with many guests, but still want to celebrate cheaply? This is sometimes not that easy, but with one or two tips and tricks it can definitely be done. At least if the bride and groom are willing to compromise.

The costs of a wedding are sometimes not entirely without, as we have already described to you in our cost overview of a wedding. But not every bride and groom is ready to spend a few thousand euros or more on the very special day. Do you have a lot of guests but don’t want to spend a lot of money? We’ll tell you in this post how you can celebrate your wedding inexpensively.


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Decorating a church wedding ideas tips - Celebrate a wedding inexpensively - despite many guests

The more guests at the wedding, the more expensive?

Before we reveal to you how you can celebrate a wedding inexpensively despite the large number of guests, we would first like to explain how the number of guests influences the costs. For some points in your budget plan for the wedding, the number of guests does not matter. This includes your outfits, wedding rings, the photographer, the wedding speaker and a few other things.

On the other hand, the more guests you have at your wedding, the more you have to budget for food and drink. More guests also mean more tables, which of course would like to be decorated. In addition, if necessary, you would have to send more wedding invitations, organize more guest favors, order a larger wedding cake and maybe even move to a larger location.

How can costs be saved?

We have already described to you before that there are some points and, above all, service providers that are independent of the number of guests. Therefore, do not necessarily save on the service providers, but rather try to concentrate on the essentials. You definitely don’t have to get a proper Pinterest wedding off the ground.

There are a few different things that can save you money. To get started, instead of buying a wedding planner, you could download this free wedding planner as a PDF.

Free wedding planner

Digital invitations & DIY stationery

To save some money, you could send the invitation to your wedding via messenger or email. This not only saves you the cost of printing, but of course also the postage. So that the digital wedding invitation still looks pretty, you could use our free stationery templates, for example.

There you will sometimes not only find a picture for a save-the-date card or invitation, but also lots of great signs and table numbers. You can easily print it out yourself at home and you will have a nice stationery on the day of the wedding.

If you have your wedding invitations printed professionally, for example here, costs of 2.50 euros or more per piece can quickly arise. Money that you could possibly invest in a bigger wedding cake.

Celebrate a wedding inexpensively despite many guests - Celebrate a wedding inexpensively - despite many guests
Free stationery templates for the wedding

Use second-hand items

If you buy something for your wedding, it doesn’t have to be brand new. There are not only pretty wedding dresses and outfits for the groom as second-hand items, but of course also many different things for your decoration. For example, many sales posts can be found in our Facebook wedding group where former brides are offering something from their wedding for sale.

Refrain from gifts and little things

It is not without reason that the cost of small things is an underestimated risk. Sometimes bought something here, sometimes there, and what feels like a fortune has been spent. The individual things are not the problem, but a higher sum quickly comes together. We have described 5 things that could be superfluous at your wedding in a separate post on our wedding blog.

An often discussed topic is whether favors are mandatory at a wedding. Of course there are various reasons for guest favors, but they are by no means an absolute must-have. Especially with many guests, the small gifts already cost something in total.

Reduce decoration

There are many different ways to decorate the wedding. Especially when it comes to table decorations, there are countless possibilities to create something incredibly beautiful. How it looked at our own wedding, we show you in detail in our article Design table decorations for the wedding yourself. It looked beautiful, but it wasn’t exactly cheap at the cost per table.

The more guests you have at a wedding, the more tables are needed. After all, your guests want to sit somewhere. It would be a good compromise if only the bridal couple table is decorated and the tables of the guests are relatively plain.

The other decoration can also be reduced well. Avoid chair covers, a decorated entrance area and other things that are not absolutely necessary.

Find a favorable location

A wedding in a castle is of course a highlight for some bridal couples. However, this is often associated with certain costs that can easily blow one or the other budget. If you want to celebrate an inexpensive wedding with many guests, then look around for alternatives. A parish or club house is an interesting option.

But your own garden can also be used for a wedding. In our blog you will find a garden wedding with a party in the large wedding tent. But not everyone has space for such a tent. Therefore, you also like to look at this garden wedding, where the celebration takes place in a “normal” garden.

1636099033 745 Celebrate a wedding inexpensively despite many guests - Celebrate a wedding inexpensively - despite many guests
© Stefanie Döll Fotografie – Garden wedding: This is what your wedding in your own garden could look like

Celebrate alcohol-free

Do you already know how expensive the drinks are at the wedding and how much is really drunk? We’ll tell you both in the linked post. In order to reduce the cost of the drinks a bit, you could consider celebrating alcohol-free.

Depending on the location, the costs for a small schnapps or a long drink are relatively high. A glass with a soft drink is often cheaper in comparison. It also makes sense to have a bottle of water on the tables at the wedding, where your guests can help themselves if necessary. In many cases, a bottle of water is cheaper than a single glass.

Bring-along celebration

If you are planning a wedding celebration in a parish or clubhouse, then the topic of catering is sure to be an exciting one. Even at a wedding in their own garden, your guests will definitely want something to eat and drink.

A professional service provider does not necessarily have to do both. How about a bring-along party? Instead of bringing presents for you as the bride and groom, you could ask your guests to conjure up something delicious for the catering. But you should definitely take over the organization so that you don’t necessarily have 5 of the same salads or something similar.

Include family and friends

You could not only involve your family and friends on the subject of catering. These could of course also take on other tasks. So maybe you could use a friend or family member as a wedding speaker. Alternatively, you may have someone who has a good stereo system. To save money, a playlist instead of a DJ would be possible at the wedding.

Even if we would like to recommend that you never save with a professional service provider, this is definitely a way to save a little more money.

1636099033 302 Celebrate a wedding inexpensively despite many guests - Celebrate a wedding inexpensively - despite many guests
© Daria_Cherry / Shutterstock.com

Celebrating a wedding inexpensively despite the large number of guests?

In any case, it is possible to celebrate a wedding inexpensively despite the large number of guests. When it comes to a wide variety of things, always ask yourself whether the relationship between price and performance is worthwhile for you. Before you make a firm decision for your wedding, question this critically again:

These are just a few examples with which we would like to make it clear to you that there is often no right or wrong at a wedding. It is more about looking at what is possible for you as the bride and groom with the budget you have set and what compromises you can live with in retrospect.

Does it really have to be that many guests?

When planning your wedding, however, you should generally ask yourself whether there have to be that many guests at all. In no case should you feel obliged to invite certain guests. This sometimes happens quickly, especially when other people meddle in your own wedding. You should never invite guests to the wedding that you do not like. Please feel free to read the linked articles on both topics.

Creating the perfect wedding guest list isn’t easy. It can very quickly happen that the list of guests becomes long. However, before you send the save-the-date or invitation cards to your wedding, please read our five tips to shorten the guest list at the wedding.

Lots of guests, but compromises

A large amount is collected very quickly for the day of the wedding. It is one of the most beautiful days in the life of a bride and groom who would like to be celebrated with their dearest friends and family members. If there are many people on your guest list, but you still want to celebrate your wedding cheaply, then you have to be ready to make one or two compromises.

We have presented you with different ways how you can save some money on the wedding. The combination of different things is very likely a good way and a suitable opportunity to celebrate your wedding with manageable costs despite many guests.


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