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Romance with a difference: This week the combination of roses and gypsophila promises pink sophistication in combination with fairytale fantasy! Our BLOOMS of the week “Charming Princess” bring a fragrant swing of spring and lots of love.

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Known as the Queen of the Flower, she counts rose a symbol of love and beauty for centuries. In ancient times, however, it was only used as food. The first rose gardens were even laid out in China almost 5,000 years ago. There the wild rose also finds its origin and its growth also extends over the entire northern hemisphere from China, through Central Asia to Europe. Today there are up to 30,000 different varieties thanks to various breeds and crossings. This time our BLOOMS of the week consist of the pink rose “Cupcake” and the pink rose “Pink Sudoko”.

The color pink in these roses symbolizes youth and beauty and is a popular symbol for romantics to express their hopeless infatuation. In addition, respect, appreciation and gratitude can also be expressed with pink roses. Due to its clear meaning, the rose is one of the most communicative plants in the world! Their smell also invites you to dream: sweet, fresh and lovely fragrances have enchanted many a prince …

The panicle gypsum is completely different, often too “Gypsophila” called, which belongs to the carnation family. The panicle gypsum herb got its name because some species grow on gypsum stone. The delicate appearance of its many small, fine flowers is deceptive, because the “Gypsophila Paniculata” has enormous stamina. Even after the rest of a bouquet has stopped blooming, it seems freshly cut for several weeks. In addition, it stays dry in the vase for a long time, even without water! For this reason, white gypsophila is often used by florists to loosen up bouquets. Traditionally, the roots of the gypsophila were boiled or dried because of their soap-like components. But gypsophila has also been used in naturopathy for hundreds of years because of its expectorant effect for respiratory diseases such as coughs or bronchitis.

In our BLOOMS of the week it creates the perfect lightness as a fine ornamental plant and harmonizes as a counterweight to the strong rose.

Our vase recommendation for “Charming Princess”

For this bouquet we recommend a table vase with a wide opening so that the individual flowers come into their own.

We wish you a great week and lots of fun with “Charming Princess”!

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