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Chrysanthemums are very popular autumn flowers that have a very long flowering period. Find out more information about the daisy family here.

Botanical name: Chrysanthemum

Genus: Chrysanthemums

Plant family: Sunflower (bot.Asteraceae)

Occurrence: East Asia and Eastern Europe
The chrysanthemum (bot. Chrysanthemum) belongs, like daisies and asters, to the daisy family (bot. Asteraceae). The plants from East Asia are very popular ornamental plants because they are quite easy to cultivate and bloom continuously.

The composites, which originate from East Asia, can look back on a long, 2000-year “career”: Even in ancient China they were the symbol of autumn and a long life. They only begin to bloom when all the other flowers have already said goodbye. As an emperor’s symbol, they became the national flower of Japan and a real Japanese sukiyaki (Japanese stew) is not complete without the bitter, resinous aroma of chrysanthemum sprouts. Introduced in Europe in the middle of the 19th century, they were initially considered exotic treasures. Nowadays you can enjoy its infinite variety and bloom almost all year round.

Care tips for chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum as a cut flower
Cut the chrysanthemum diagonally with a sharp knife and immediately place the stems in plenty of fresh, cold water.

Chrysanthemum in the garden
Some varieties are not sufficiently winter-proof and must therefore be overwintered frost-free, but otherwise maintenance is easy. Most types of chrysanthemums need to be covered with brushwood. Chrysanthemum varieties that are not hardy in pots or window boxes should be overwintered in a cool room, such as in the basement or garage.

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