Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years

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Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years - Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years
Cool gifts for boys aged 10 and over. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) lassedesignen

Children from the age of 10 are just about to become youngsters. This fact should at least be kept in mind when choosing your gifts. Action, coolness and a touch of magic are especially important for children of this age. We have some cool gift tips for you Guys and girls im Age from 10 to 14 years researched.

Christmas gifts for children from 10 years

Magic cup

Coffee for breakfast? Probably not a very good idea for 10 to 14 year old children. Hotter Tea or cocoa But children also like to drink. In order to sweeten the breakfast cocoa for your child, a magic cup might be worth considering. The magic cup is a one-colored, mostly dark cup, which is used in the Filling with hot drinks changes color. It can also be printed with a personal photo, which will then appear when the liquid is poured out. If you are interested in such a magic mug, you can go to, among others Print shop or at Hartlauer can conveniently have such a mug made online.

Order magic mug online: Printshop Sofortdruck, 1010 Vienna

Mini table tennis table

Is your child sporty and has an irrepressible urge to move? Then would be a Mini table tennis table possibly a good idea. That Austrian start-up Dish Tennis makes high-quality and visually sophisticated mini table tennis tables made in Austria here. The small but fine tables are not only available in all the colors of the rainbow, they are also space-saving and can be set up and dismantled in seconds. The tennis tournament in the Wiener Stadthalle proved that the tables are incredibly popular with children aged 10 and over: In the breaks between matches, all the tables set up there were occupied continuously. Dish Tennis tables cost between, depending on the color and material 250 and 300 euros. Mini table tennis tables for something more moderate prices are also available from Sport Thieme, Sportastic, Baby-Walz and Hervis.

Order mini table tennis table: Dish Tennis KG, 1050 Vienna

Mini drone for children

Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years - Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years
Mini-drones are ideal as a technical gift for children aged 10 and over. Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) dianagrytsku

Technical toys inspire children from 10 years of age enormously. The latest trend is mini drones for kids. But not all drones are really suitable for children. So make sure that it is a quadrocopter for children. These drones include, for example Holy Stone HS210, the DEVASO mini drone for children, the Syma X5C Explorer or the Parrot Mambo.

Tip: It’s best to get advice from model sports experts on which drone is best for which age. Three such experts are, for example, the model sports company Schweighofer in Deutschlandsberg (Styria), Lindinger in Inzersdorf im Kremstal (Upper Austria) and Robitronic Electronic in Vienna.

Order a drone: Robitronic Electronic, 1230 Vienna

Magic box and articles

1637234851 105 Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years - Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years
The ideal gift for children aged 10 and over is a magic box or various magic items. Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) Nejron Photo

Who would not like to enchant other people like David Copperfield, Farid or the Ehrlich Brothers or cast a spell over them with exciting magic tricks? With a magic box and various other magic articles that is at least partially possible. However, real magic shops have become a rarity these days. In Vienna, the Trickbox is one of the last magic shops in all of Europe. Unique magic utensils from all over the world are imported from the Trickbox and made available for sale. One or the other magic article is definitely also included for 10-year-old children.

Contact: Trickbox, 1100 Vienna

Chess computer

1637234851 742 Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years - Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years
Chess is one of the classic games. Chess is already fun for 10-year-old children. Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) ramirezom

Would you like to inspire the child to play a game with a particularly long tradition? Then a chess computer and chess accessories would be a really great gift. Chess is no longer a game that can only be played by two people. With the help of a chess computer, your child can deal with himself and that in an intellectually high quality way. Professional chess players are considered to be extremely intelligent people because they have the ability to correctly assess current situations and to think ahead. This thinking ability is trained through games like chess. In Vienna, the specialist shop Schach & Spiele from Mag. Michael Ehn is one of the best places to go when it comes to chess games and accessories. There you will not only get chess computers, but also chess clocks, chess plans and chess literature.

Contact: Chess & Games, 1060 Vienna

Toy robots

We live in one digital age. Technology, machines and robots are increasingly determining and changing our lives. Almost every child these days grows up with a tablet or mobile phone. In order to further promote technical skills, however, you can also Toy robots increase. For Star Wars fans, for example, the Sphero R2-D2 is suitable for this. In addition to the detailed original look, the toy droid is particularly impressive thanks to its control via app. The toy R2D2 has a total of nine well-known gestures from the Star Wars films in stock. You can buy the droid from Media Markt and Smyths Toys, among others.

Order Sphero R2-D2 online: Smyths Toys, 2700 Wr. Neustadt

Instant camera

1637234851 775 Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years - Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years
Are you looking for meaningful gifts for children? Polaroids fascinate children aged 10 and over more than ever. Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) Björn Wylezich

At the age of 10 you slowly get to the age at which things start to get interesting, your own To snap photos. In the age of cell phones and smartphones with integrated cameras, cameras are no longer as breathtaking as they were in my youth, but there is still one camera that still outshines every smartphone: the instant camera. Polaroids and what they are all called still have their charm and it is still fascinating to watch them in the 21st century Image slowly developed in your hands. So if your offspring is just beginning to be interested in photography, then an instant camera is the perfect gift idea. Inexpensive instant cameras can be found at Conrad Electronic or Hartlauer, among others.

Order instant camera: Conrad Electronic, 2334 Vösendorf

Padel rackets

1637234851 477 Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years - Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years
Padel is easy to learn, even for 10 year old children. Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) damianobuffo

Does the child play tennis or is it generally very sporty? Then padel equipment might be just the thing. Padel is the one new trend sport absolutely. There are now well over 20 padel facilities throughout Austria. The big advantage of this sport: It is easy to learn, physically much less strenuous and is just a lot of fun. Padel rackets can be ordered in local shops or on the Internet.

Buy padel rackets: Padel21

Game console

1637234852 176 Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years - Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years
With a game console like the PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can’t go far wrong with kids ages 10 and up. Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) mitand73

At 10 years of age, children come to an age where a game console is gradually becoming compulsory. Because consoles are still very popular with classmates and friends. It is not so important that you give away the latest generation of game consoles right away. A PlayStation 4 or a Wii U that is getting on in years is also a lot of fun for children of this age. If you are still interested in the latest generations of game consoles, you should read the article Console as a Christmas present read through carefully by our gaming expert Joe Köller. There the differences between PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch are explained in detail. You can pre-order the latest consoles in the Online stores from Gamestop and Mediamarkt.

Carrera track

1637234852 725 Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years - Cool Christmas gifts for children from 10 years
The Carrera track is the classic among the car racing tracks and ideally suited for children from 10 years of age. Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) Klaus Eppele

By the age of 10 at the latest, children usually come to the right age for you Car racing track. The classic among the car racing tracks is the Carrera trackwhich has been on the market since the 1960s and is still very popular. The train is recommended for children aged 10 and over Carrera Evolution, since the Carrera Digital is a pure professional racetrack for adults. You can find a large selection of Carrera tracks and accessories in the Bannert toy store. But also Smyths Toys, Conrad and Kastner & Öhler have Carrera tracks in their range.

Tip: In the slot car arena in Vienna you can enjoy exciting races on the 62 meter long racetrack organize.

To give presents to smaller or larger siblings?

In the event that your family is a little bigger and there are older and younger siblings, nephews, nieces, etc. to give presents, you may find yourself in our recommendations for 6- to 9-year-olds and teenager find it. Here you can also find a list of toy shops in Vienna that sell high-quality children’s toys.

Here you can find renowned toy retailers in your state:

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