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This week we are combining elegant Japanese roses with the rural charm of Waxflower for your table vase and thus surround you with a very special atmosphere.

You will receive this beautiful bouquet from us until 09/01/2017. Order your flower subscription here or change your subscription By Thursday, January 5th, 2017, choose January 9th, 2017 as the delivery date at the latest and look forward to your wonderful BLOOMS of the week!

Japanese roses, also called eustoma, are among the most popular cut flowers because of their simplicity and the elegant aura that surrounds them. They shine in many color facets, so that they can be combined in an extremely varied way. In addition to robust thistles and delicate daisies, they have a great charisma and are therefore a welcome combination option to give a bouquet that certain something and a touch of lightness. The graceful beauty has its origin in the dry areas of North America and is particularly native there in dry river beds in the desert as well as in prairie areas. In the states of Texas, Nebraska, Nevada and Colorado, the plant is therefore also known as the prairie gentian. From there it was brought to its homeland by Japanese gardeners and cultivated there. You can find more information and care instructions for Eustoma here.

The fragrant Waxflower, also called wax flower or hooked chamelaucium, originally comes from Australia. There it can reach a size of up to four meters on the bush. It flowers pink, white or delicate purple and has fine, needle-like leaves. The small flowers appear in late winter and spring. Its name “Waxflower” comes from the petals, which look as if they were covered with a waxy layer. You can find more information about Waxflower here.

Our vase recommendation for “Country Love”

We recommend a relatively tall vase with a wider opening. When arranging, you should first of all distribute the waxflower in the vase. Thanks to its many small branches, it can give its partners a lot of support. Then you can put the Japanese roses individually into the framework made of waxflower, so that a harmonious arrangement is created. As always after arrival, it is important to provide the flowers with a fresh cut and a clean vase with fresh water.

We hope you enjoy your flowers!

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