Customizable Wooden Ring Box by Sendmoments

Have you already chosen an engagement ring or wedding rings? Then in most cases you will get a ring box for free with the purchase. However, this can be printed with the name of the manufacturer or the jeweler. A personalized ring box is much nicer. In this article, we present three ideas on how you can design them.

Of course, you first need a suitable box for your ring box. This should not be too small, but not too big either. We have already shown you on our website how you can easily put together a wedding ring box yourself. For this reason, in this post, we will focus on a pretty wooden ring box.

Wooden ring box at sendmoments

We discovered a matching wooden ring box at sendmoments. These are there in the size of about 13 x 13 centimeters and offer enough space inside for some decoration.

We find the price perfectly reasonable, especially since the text on the top of the box can be personalized. You can store your desired text directly in the browser and view the box as a 3D preview.

Three design ideas for your ring box

There are a few different ways you could design a ring box. Designing with Moss is quick and easy. You can often buy this in normal flower shops and it doesn’t cost much. Just cut the moss and put it in the box. If necessary, you can also put a small branch with flowers inside.

You can put the rings directly in the middle of the ring box. If necessary, you can fix them with some cord in the middle. Simply poke two small holes in the moss and pull the cord through them.

Customizable Wooden Ring Box by Sendmoments - Customizable Wooden Ring Box by Sendmoments

If you don’t want to make your personalized ring box quite so green, you could also use a combination of moss, gypsophila and white “Easter grass”.

1647077441 663 Customizable Wooden Ring Box by Sendmoments - Customizable Wooden Ring Box by Sendmoments

If you are planning your wedding with a specific motto, then it would of course be particularly nice if the ring box was also designed to match. A design with sand and shells, for example, would go well with a maritime-style wedding.

1647077441 772 Customizable Wooden Ring Box by Sendmoments - Customizable Wooden Ring Box by Sendmoments

To keep the sand in the ring box, first spray the inside with spray adhesive. Then add sand and turn the box back and forth. You can then simply tip out excess sand. You can fix large and small shells with a hot glue gun. You could use adhesive to keep a ring in the box. Also like to cover them with sand so that they are not quite as visible.

Voucher for your own box

If you would like to design your own ring box at sendmoments, please use the following discount code. With this you can save 25% until June 15th, 2022. The code is valid for all orders. You just have to reach the minimum order value of 5 euros.

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